Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Earn Money - Magnetize your Car!

I must say a big thank you to Emily for telling me about this great program. I signed up immediately and am extremely excited!

Do you remember when I shared how you could earn money with Driven Media by driving your car with a wrap on it? Click here to get the details.

Well, Emily read that and decided to share with all of us a program that she uses.

Miles of Marketing ( M.O.M. )

First of all, this program is a bit different. And, for those of you who were not interested in wrapping your whole car, then this is a great alternative.

How does the program work?

It is geared towards Moms ( Yay...that is me...and a lot of you ) and the potential we have for advertising to other mothers. It is for stay at home and work at home moms, so if you fit that demographic, you will be a great fit for this company.

Because mothers drive so often to playgroups, PTO meeting, sport practices, run errands, etc, these advertisers find us to be a wonderful source of advertising to our peers, other parents.

They work with many large companies to put a magnet on the side of your vehicle for a set amount of time. Every 2 weeks you complete a cycle. While you have the magnet, you also get free samples to give out, coupons, etc. Then, you complete a report/survey at the end. And, you get paid!! Yay!

Would you like to see an image of some cars with magnets? Would you like to register for yourself?

Click here to sign up. Then, visit their Facebook page for images of past projects.

I can't wait to get my first opportunity!!!

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Anonymous said...

excellent!! I just signed up!! Thanks Carrie!!

Emily said...

I just came across this post today! Glad I could help Carrie - it's a great way for moms to make money driving around town like we all do anyway!

keepingmycents said...

Do you know how much they pay? I didn't see that.

Carrie @ said...

From what others who recommended it to me, they got paid $100.

Not sure if it is the exact same every time or not.