Monday, October 19, 2009

Pay me to Drive my Car...Please!!!

Seriously, how fun would that be? If someone called you up today and said...."Hey, will you let me pay you $350 to drive your car?" What would you say to that?

For me, I would say, "Oh, yes, sure!"


OK, so it sounds crazy, but I am sure many of you have seen the Paid To Drive campaigns online before. They usually drive me crazy, because they want to "charge" you to give you the information to sign up and be considered.

This reminds me a lot of the lists that ask you to pay for a list of survey companies or mystery shopping companies. And, you know what I say to that. There is no need. You can gather than information for free. Or, hey, come visit me! Click on my Survey button or Mystery Shopping button at anytime for free information.

So, I was excited to read recently about a legit company that you can register with for free!

Before you sign up, please realize that this is not a guarantee. You will out an application and it is kept on file with the company. As they need advertisers in your area, you will then be considered. This could be next month, or it could be years from now. But either way, you want your name in their system.

How it works is that they will pay you up to $350 a month ( sometimes with bonus opportunities, too ) to wrap your car in an advertisement. Depending on where you drive daily, how many miles, etc will determine which advertisers are interested in you. Basically, you will be a driving billboard for the company.

Not sure you want your car wrapped? That is something to consider. I would, personally, rather just have my car without advertisements. But, when I figure out the money paid over a course of a year ( $350 times 12 months comes to $4,200 ), I become much more willing to wrap my car.

First of all, that is money that can pay for a car payment or lease if you have one, and you have one less payment to make. Or, if your car is already paid for then this is an extra $4,200 you can put towards paying down your mortgage, saving for your children's college, getting rid of ANY debt you may have.

So, have I convinced you? Do you want to get paid to drive?

If so, click here to sign up with Driven Media Online!

Good luck!

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Adrienne said...

Not to be a downer but...I think that the income you would receive would be taxable...just something to consider.

Anonymous said...

yikes.. Carrie anyway you can find out?

Carrie @ said...


Any income earned is taxable. Survey income, mystery shopping, advertisements, etc. Absolutely. Not a downer at all. Better to make money and pay the government than not pay money at all.

But, don't forget, you can then invest money in tax "savings" areas.

For me, in my state, when I put our money into our state 529s for the kids college, I get to deduct that money ( up to a set amount ) from my taxable income then.

Anonymous...anyway I can find out what? Wasn't sure what you meant by your comment. Let me know and I will try and help you out.

Angie.... said...

Thanks-this is something my hubby has actually thought about but never knew who to contact.

Cindy Livesey said...

What an awesome idea. I am going to present it to my husband. I'm sure they would love to wrap my MINI Cooper. It already attracts attention without a wrap. You always have such creative ways to make some extra cash. Thanks for sharing.

Danielle Miller said...

I would expect it to be taxable, but then all car fees would also be tax deductible. Count all of your mileage as business expenses, and all of your oil changes and maintenance costs too. I suspect that for a normal person, the deductions should cancel out the income. Except that it's stuff you would do anyway, so it still has the effect of free money.

I would totally do it!!! I just don't have a car right now, and hubby uses the one we have for work, so they probably wouldn't appreciate a different logo being on our car.

Anonymous said...

hopefully someone gets picked!

Sariah S. Wilson said...

I'd love to hear if someone gets contacted for this - I filled out that very extensive application (holy cow!) because I drive constantly and would so love to be making that kind of money every month.

Carrie @ said...

Yes...if anyone gets picked ever...let me know. I would love to know, too.

They also have a Facebook page, go check it out. It appears they may be looking for someone for Geico right now.....I let them know I would drive that little Gecko around each month. :)

And, Danielle....YAY! I was thinking of you a few days ago, because I hadn't heard from you in a while. I was wondering where you were!!!!

Emily said...

MilesofMarketing is another company that does this. Instead of having your car wrapped, they send you a large magnet to put on your car. It's typically for media promotions, such as CD releases, TV shows, etc. She typically pays $100 per project. They last about 2 weeks at a time. It's I've contracted with Liza there for a few years. It's definitely a hit-or-miss kind of thing, not steady income, just available when there are projects for your market. But still, an easy $100!

Carrie @ said...


I love it...thanks so much for sharing! I am off to check it out now.