Friday, January 15, 2010

75% off Target Toy Clearance was TODAY!

Brrrnnnggg!!! Brrrrnnngggg!!

My phone was ringing first thing this morning and I ran to get it. And, low and behold, it was my friend Becky from Saving Bits and Pieces letting me know that Target's toys were at 75% off today, Friday the 15th.

If you remember my post from earlier in the week ( click here to read ) you will notice that I said it would be either Wed, Thurs or Friday of this week. Although, I must admit this is the first year it has ever been on a Friday for me. I was so sure it would be Thursday.

Anyway, I went the last two days and was not really excited about dragging myself up there with 3 kids today ( wouldn't you know my kids are off school today for teacher conferences...making it that much harder to shop ) but Becky's phone call got me going. We hopped in the car and were up there sometime around 9:30 - 9:45!

And, boy am I glad I went. I got $1,200 of toys for approx $300!!!! I have enough to share with other family members, thus saving them money for the year, too. That makes me feel great!

Now, I am stockpiled for birthdays and Christmas for the kids next year, all the kids parties they need to go to, etc. In fact, they even had household items on sale, too. So, I got stuff done for sister in laws, too! And, clothes! Did I mention that? I found a few pieces!

Gifts will be packed away so hopefully the kids forget about them in a year. Plus, I told them they needed to help me find gifts for all their friend's birthday parties this year. What could I do? Oh, well.

If you are new to Sale Shopping and how it can save your family hundreds to thousands a year ( depending on how many people you shop for each year ) click here to read my original tutorial on this saving method.

And, I hope you got my Facebook and Tweet earlier today letting you know to run to your Target!

Before I go, I am adding a picture of a reader's success story today. Look at all the toys she got at 75% off today! Way to go, Tina!

So, how did you do? Feel free to send photos and I will add them to the post!

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Josh and Amanda said...

I hit my target at 9:30 this morning, and I am stocked for the year as well! Thanks for the info!

Carrie @ said...

Yay Amanda! Glad you got in on it, too!

Jessica said...

our's still isn't marked down to 75%..still 30%-50%

Carrie @ said...

That's not fair! :)

Any day now, I bet.

Cristy said...

Mine said 50% but most were 75%. I went during lunch, as I work, and was able to get 6 christmas gifts for this year and 2 birthday presents. Not as great...but glad to get in on some of the savings. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Kira said...

Nice haul, Carrie! We don't have a Target here, so if I want to do this then I have to drive 45 mins one direction or about an hour the other way. Can you call and ask if their toys are on clearance? I don't want to make the effort to drive that far just to find out they aren't marked down yet, or they were marked down 2 days ago and I missed all the good stuff.

Carrie @ said...


You could call ahead. They usually will NOT tell you ahead of day when they are going to mark it down ( I am sure they would rather you buy it at 50% and they could make a bit more ).

But, if it is already marked down, they should tell you.

I will tell you from past experience, though, that usually if you don't get there the day the sale happens, it is pretty much picked over by the next day.

Annystribe said...

For the first time in a couple of years I did not head out for the 75% off clearance. I have been checking and everything I wanted was leaving at 50% off and I bought then. We live with only one Target 35 miles away and they had little left. I hit another Target in the larger city two weeks ago and got what I wanted and paid 50% off to not risk getting what I needed.

I miss living in Minnesota with Targets everywhere to check when January clearance hits.

Ginger said...

Told ya! :) So that is 2 years in a row that it hit on 1/15. We better put a reminder in our email calendar.

I was in Walmart tonight. They are at 75% in my store.:)

Anonymous said...

I hit Target yesterday the toys were already marked down to 75%. I managed to get quite a bit purchased in the 20 minutes I had to shop. $180 in toys for $45. I'm pretty excited.

Victoria said...

Our Target had markdowns last week and I bought a wooden activity center for $25 which was still a great deal. BUT when I saw your tweet I headed over to Target and most things were picked over (including the aforementioned toy) I had cust service do I price lookup and while they normally only price adjust for sales items (not clearance) they accepted my receipt and essentially returned the item and sold it to me for $12 which is CRAZY AWESOME.

*~Jackie*~ said...

Carrie @ said...

Good job gals!

Ginger...definitely have it marked on my calendar for next year! LOL..and you know best!!!

Victoria, that is crazy awesome. Always worth asking if they will price adjust. :)

Samantha said...

Washington state is on clearance too, I went tonight and wish I would have gone earlier today when I found out about it. I still got a few great deals though! Thanks for the heads up!!

Vicky said...

I just got back from my local store and they still had about an aisle and 1/2 of clearance. I only found one item that I really wanted but since I was going to the store anyway, getting a nice Christmas gift for my nephew for less than $5 was a nice bonus!

Sariah S. Wilson said...

Is it day specific or week specific so that I can keep an eye out next year?

Carrie @ said...


It has always been the same week each year. But, a different day. I usually mark my calendar for the week, and then run by the store each day since I don't want to miss it.

BUT,I live right by 2 Targets, so not a big deal for me to run in.