Tuesday, January 12, 2010

75% Off Toy Clearance Preparation!

Look at this great photo of items I got 75% to 80% off! I already have numerous people marked off my sale shopping list for 2010!

Bath and Body Works always has their New Year 75% off sale. If you can run over, you can get some decent gifts. I like to get these for teacher gifts, if able. So, I bought approx $100 worth of lotions and bath products for approx. $25. I calculated approx $20 gift for the teachers ( we have two school teachers and 2 Church school teachers ). So now, I got each teacher done for around $5!

For my sister-in-law, you may remember I picked up one of the 75% off Christmas trees early this year. She is in her first home and didn't even have a tree to put up this year. She bought the tree off of me, but now I knew she was going to need ornaments and decorations for her new tree. MANY stores have deep discounts on ornaments. We happened to be at Michael's getting products for my son's Pinewood Derby car for Cub Scouts, and I noticed the ornaments were 80% off and so was their ribbon.

Since her birthday is in September and I know she will need the ornaments before Christmas, these will be her birthday gifts for next year.

NOW...I wanted to give everyone a heads up!

Target 75% Off Toy Clearance!

There is no guarantee, but for the last three years this has been the week of the huge 75% off Toy Clearance at Target! Remember my story from last year? If not, click here to read.

It has always either been Wednesday or Thursday in the past ( with a few stores putting theirs out on Friday ). So, my advice? Get that Sale Shopping list together for the year! Remember, include birthday parties of all the kids parties you think you will hit during the year, too.

My advice. Hit the store at 8 when it opens. It becomes crazy as others start noticing the extreme discounts. I plan to go over the next three days until I find the day they actually get marked down. So, if tomorrow, then I am done. If not, then I will run into the store and back out. I will then go Thursday instead to see if marked down.

Good luck everyone! And, let me know how you do. This is my favorite shopping event of the year.

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Lori said...

Carrie, I still am amazed at the deals you got last year! I wasn't sure when the sale was but I will be heading there day.

(btw, your link for "click here to read" is not working) Have a great day!

Kim said...

I hit the Target toy sale in July. I bought up a lot of gifts for my two kids to give for all the birthday parties they are invited to. I ran by my Target today, but they are still just 50% off. I'm delaying my volunteering day at my son's school until Friday so that I can check out Target in the morning again! thanks so much for reminding me!

Becky said...

I checked the Target at Bridgewater today (Wed.) They have 3 aisles of clearance toys but they're ot &5% off yet. Maybe tomorrow!

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...


Yep, I checked this morning, too. Last year it was Thursday, so I am assuming it will be tomorrow.

My mom went to hers today, and they were clearing another aisle. She heard the manager telling an employee that they needed it all done by tonight.

So, I am assuming they wanted it all done before the big clearance tomorrow.

Keeping my fingers crossed. This sale stocks me up for almost the whole year and then some.

Frugal Felicia said...

I called today and they told me it was still 30% off. Don't know if they will go to 50% next or straight to 75% but I plan to go right after dropping off the kiddos at school. thanks for the heads up.

Mary said...

I went to Tylersville one in WC today and still only 30% and 50%. I asked when they were doing 75% and they acted like they weren't doing marking all of them down, just individual ones that had more inventory left but not a massive 75% off. Not sure if that is true or not. I didn't talk with a manager.

Frugal Felicia said...

When I went today all the toy clearance had 30% off signs, but if you looked at each toy some were marked 50% and a few 75%.

Jessica said...

I went today as well in McDonough,GA. I was there yesterday but today they had a few more toys. I found a couple of toys marked down to around 75% off but there wasn't a huge sign identifying several toys with a 75% discount.

Trisha H said...

I went today to find signs and prices for 30% and 50%. However, I grabbed a musical sit and spin priced at $10.98 because I had a $10 off coupon and it rang up $5.48. I paid $0.27 tax!!! I went back to see if others were priced high & scanning lower and they were not. I will try again tomorrow...holding out for 75%.

Sariah S. Wilson said...

Was it today?

I hit the 75% off sale in July - totally accidentally. Just happened to be there when it was happening - I circled around looking for deals beyond the clearance shelf and by the time I came back the shelf was almost completely empty.

Christy said...

One of my stores had stuff marked down to 75% off today. You can see my finds here:


I love this sale too!

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

Yay!!! I just got back from Target and hit the 75% sale.

I got $1,200 worth of toys for $300. Sorting thru it now. Family members going to be buying some if off of me for my kids ( gifts from them then...I like saving them money, too. :) ) and for nieces, nephews.

My stockpile is looking good again!

How did everyone do today?

Anonymous said...

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