Monday, December 7, 2009

50 Cent Mr. Potato Head

This is a great gift for a little one, and at this price it is a great time to even buy them for Toy Donations for the Holidays.

The Dollar General Toy Book ( pick this up at the front of your local store ) has Mr. Potato Head featured for $2.50. Click here to see an image of the book you are going to pick up. It is on page 7. Remember, you must have the REAL ad, not the printable, for price matching.

Target and Walmart price match the advertisement ONLY for Mr. Potato Head ( not Mrs. Potato Head )

Click here to get the $2.00 off coupon. You can print it twice. Page 13.

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Thanks so much to Janet F. for emailing me on this find! She has bought a few now.....way to go!

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Sarah said...

Does Dollar General not accept coupons? I thought that mine did as long as they were manufacturer coupons.

Carrie @ said...


They don't accept printables...per their company policy.

If you find a clerk that takes printables, your store is the exception to the rule. :)

Kristin said...

I tried to do this at my Target in Columbia, MO and was not allowed to PM. First, there is not a single date listed on the DG ad. The customer service rep was considering letting me do it anyway but then noticed that the photo does not look like a 'typical' mr potato head, which is what I had. They ultimately decided I would not be allowed to pricematch. I will try at walmart tomorrow. I wonder if they will be less strict with the pricematching since it is not a new concept like at Target. Thanks for the info on the deal, I'll let you know if I get it to work!

Carrie @ said...


I asked Janet that same thing when she emailed me the deal, since I noticed the photos didn't match.

It is obviously a YMMV, since she said she has bought 3 of them now with no problem. But, I was afraid that would happen at some stores.

She said the only problem she ran into was she tried to buy a Mrs. Potato Head and they said no, it has to be Mr. Potato Head, since the ad clearly states Mr on it.

In regards to the date, I would take the phone number of your DG store with you, and call them on your cell with the clerk there to ask if their Toy flyer was valid right now to prove that it is. :)

Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

Kristin said...

Success! I went to walmart (we have 3 so it's not like it was out of my way...) and they had 2 on the shelf. I picked a young male cashier and he pricematched no problem, barely even glanced at the ad. My coupons beeped and he pushed those on through too. I paid $1.08 for 2 with tax!

I have 2 more qs so will try again at a different store someday soon...they're calling for bad weather so potato head shopping is not a priority.

Also, I checked with one of the DG's here in town and the manager said that they would take some printables but not all. She said anything that gets you a free item or BOGO would not be accepted, nor IPs over $5. But she said the Mr. P one would be fine to use. I stopped by the store before hitting up walmart and the ones they have are Mr. Potato head Jr, they're the size of large real potatoes and only come with one set of eyes, ears, etc but there were 4 varieties (including a mrs) so I think if I can print some more qs I might pick some up for the different accessories/parts.

Thank you again for the tip!

Deane said...

Thanks for posting this great find! I will definitely picking some up to up in stockings and for our local toy drive. My kids love to donate toys, so I love to find really cheap toys! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Ah...just noticed I actually DID get a Mrs. Potato Head. I didn't realize that. They look kind of alike. So I have 2 Mr. and 1 Mrs.


rebecca said...

The Dollar Generals are selling only the Mini Mr and Mrs Potato Head at this price. For me, it's not ethical to price match something that isn't the exact match. I was super excited though, cause my son LOVES mr potato head and we've lost all but an arm and his shoes!

Carrie @ said...


Check your Target and Walmart...they may have the Mini Mr. Potato Head and Mrs Potato Head.

If they do, you should be able to do the same deal, as the coupon doesn't state what size.

Are mini's the same as the smaller spud ones? If so, there is actally a $5 off coupon on the website, so it could potentially be a great deal then.

Anonymous said...

I think ethics is a relative term. To me it is ethical to price match whatever the store will allow you to price match.

The ad says Mr. Potato Head. As I not an expert in Mr. Potato Head, Mr. Potato Head means Mr. Potato Head to me. I sure didn't know there were so many varieties.

I keep forgetting about price matching in stores. So I am glad Carrie reminds us of that.

But to me, there is nothing unethical about taking a competitor's ad to a store and seeing if they will price match.