Tuesday, December 8, 2009

$10 off $10 to JcPenney

Well, the rumor I heard was true! A new $10 off $10 JcPenney coupon was mailed out. It must be combined with a Mastercard ( which means your purchase must be made with a Mastercard credit/debit card )

I got mine yesterday! It can be used in store and also online. I am going to go get something for almost free in store tomorrow with mine. I match it up with clearance or sale priced items to get a deep discount ( my goal is always 75% off or more, if I can do it )

The online code is NICE4U

Would you like to make sure you are on their mailing list so you get these future coupons?

Click here to register with JcPenney.

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Angie.... said...

I got my $10 off $10 and it doesnt say i have to use a mastercard- my mom got a $10/$25 and she has to use a mastercard!

Becky said...

I also got the $10 off $25 that requires me to use my Mastercard. I wonder why I never get the $10 off $10 ones??

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

I actually got a 3 pack. It had the $10 off $10 plus 2 other coupons attached.

Becky, do you use the $10 off $10 online when they come out?

I use them every time, so I wonder if that notifies them to send me those coupons???

Honestly, I have know idea how they pick who gets which.

Kookaburra said...

I got the $10 off $10 in the mail and mine doesn't say to use a Mastercard. Weird.

Kristin said...

I got the 3 pack of coupons as well, and nary a word about using a Mastercard.

I am signed up for JCP rewards so I think that's how I got on their mailing list. They probably keep track of whether you redeem coupons or not and send the better ones to those of us who they know they can lure into the store with them.

I love the 10/10 qs, seems like I've gotten one every 2-3 months here lately. I can always find something for my house, my toddler, or myself for that price!

Anonymous said...

I am signed up for JC Penney rewards but I only got the $10 off of $25, Ihave gotten $10 off of $10a couple of times before and always used them. I don't understand why some get the better deal. I probably will use it because it is still a good deal.I also have to use mastercard which is no big deal.