Wednesday, December 9, 2009

$100 Housing Study - Resolution Research

My inbox is filling up with Market Research invites, so I will keep posting as I come across them.

Go here to red my previous post on the studies available with 20/20 Research right now and to find out how to learn more about earning money with this method.

Right now, Resolution Research has a $100 Housing Study available the week of December 14th. It will last 90 minutes and is in the city of Denver.

If you live in that general area, click here to see if you qualify.

New to Resolution Research? Click here to register with their company and be included on future invites! They have studies around the U.S., so even though this one may not be located near you...the next one might!

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Lauren S said...

I signed up and assume my name went to your spreadsheet. When I clicked the link for the screener, it said "The maximum number of questionnaires has already been completed for this password." I'd love to see if I qualify for this one if possible.

Carrie @ said...

No problem, Lauren.

I am sending you the invite now, and will also forward you the email address of the person to request your personal invite.

I will contact her, as well, to see if she has an updated link.

Brooklyn said...

I got the same thing that Laura did. Is there something else I can do to register?