Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hurry! $100 off a XBOX 360!!!! Goes Fast!!

SOLD OUT! Told you it would go fast! :)

If you didn't get in on the XBOX, still check back throughout the day via the link below. They are marking down a HDTV at 2:00 PST ( 3 MST, 4 CST, 5 EST ), a Laptop at 4 PST ( 5 MST, 6 CST, 7 EST ) and another HD surprise at 6 PST ( 7 MST, 8 CST, 9 EST ).

Starting at 12:00 PST ( 1 MST, 2 CST, 3EST ), Amazon will be offering the XBOX 360 for $199 ( the retail price ) and giving a $100 Amazon Promotional Code.

That is like getting it for $100!!!

Time to get it for the Holidays.

Hurry...these sell out FAST!!!

Click here for all deals today!!

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