Friday, November 6, 2009

Updated: $15 Free Code or 40% Off Coupon - Kodak Gallery

Update: the $15 codes have been updated and reloaded at Kodak Gallery today!!!!

Go below to click thru and get your free $15 code to Kodak, and then go shopping on their site! You can get some great Holiday gifts, stock up on your Holiday cards or just print those photos you have been wanting.

Kodak Gallery is VERY excited that they launched their new site, they've decided to give away 300,000 $15 credits to users!

All in all, they are thanking 1 million people and that is in the form of either the $15 credit or a 40% off coupon. Who knows which you will get? All you do is go to their site and enter.

In addition, a winner will also be selected to go to the Ellen DeGeneres show.

The promotion runs as follows:

  • Oct. 20 – Oct. 28: Minimum 100,000 $15 Gift Codes
  • Oct. 29 – Nov. 5: Minimum 100,000 $15 Gift Codes
  • Nov. 6 – Nov. 13: Minimum 100,000 $15 Gift Codes
If you don't get a $15 Gift Code in the first date range, you can then try again in the next phase. Isn't that nice?

Click here
to see if you get $15 free!!

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Stacy said...

Thanks Carrie! I was accepted for the $15 credit!!


The Royal Family said...

I am trying to get a blog/Etsy party going on for Black friday pricing in some Etsy shops on WED before Thanksgiving... I am trying to spread the word, get people to join me and list a few items at a deep discount price and join the party it will help people out and get more traffic to shops and blogs, please help spread the word or join the cause.

Check out my post here :

Thanks so so much, Brandy

Kodak Gallery coupons said...

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