Thursday, November 12, 2009

DEAD! 49 Cent Leapfrog Alphabet Pal

Thanks to Wendy's comment below! Looks like Target's coupon policy has been updated!

Click here.

No more price matching on DoorBuster events. So, this deal is now officially dead!

Congrats to all of you who got in on it!!!

Great deal!

Starting tomorrow ( Friday ) at 3PM and going until Saturday at 1PM, Toys R Us is coming out with a 2 day sale ad. On the front page is the Leapfrog Alphabet Pal for $10.49.

And, did you know that Target price matches now? Yay! Pick up the ad from the front of your local Toys R Us, take it to Target and get it for $10.49

Then, click here to print your $10 off Alphabet Pal coupon. It is on the 2nd page of coupons, very bottom row/middle. You now have bought it for 49 cents!

Thanks to Surviving the Stores for sharing!

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K~ said...

When I click on that link to print the coupon it only gives me a Leapfrog Tag Reading System coupon and it doesn't say its valid for any other leapfrog toy. I did however find the $10 Alphabet Pal coupon in my Target Holiday Toy book.
Will TRU take my Target $10 coupon?

Becky said...

I just bought one of these at Target for $9.99. I thought that was a great price. Anyone know if the Toys R Us ad will be in any of the papers? Our closest Toys R Us isn't very close. I wonder if Babies R Us would have the Toys R Us ad too?? It's closer to my house.

Jessica said...

go to hotcouponworld and hit target coupons and you can print the $10 coupon for the alphabet pal there!

Carrie @ said...


You are only looking at the FIRST page of coupons when you go there.

It is on the 2nd page, all the way at the bottom in the last row, middle.

Let me know if you can't find it.

Rachel said others have emailed Target corporate to make sure coupons can be used with price matches, and they said yes.

But, she advised that you write them, too, and take your letter confirming with you for back up.

Charrob said...

I had the Toys r us ad in my local paper today. Took it to Target. The manger did not want to give it to me but i was very nice but strong and I got is for $.49!

Carrie @ said...


Good job! Some will try to be "stinkers" ( as I like to call my 2 yr old boy ) about it.

BUT, don't forget, you can print the Target Price Match and coupon policy and take it with you.

I always recommend having those on hand when going for a great deal. It can really help with you get the manager who doesn't want to comply with their own policies.


So, excited for you!!!!

Mommy23 said...

My Target said they do not price check door buster deals like that. :-(

Amy said...

My target said they do not ad match ads that have specific time frames on it (early bird, black friday, etc.). On top of that I had to check out for my normal stuff at the register and then go to customer service to try and ad match.

If you want good ad matching go to Walmart. Just make sure you take your ads with you.

Carrie @ said...

Mommy 23,

Click here to read on their policies and take these with you next time.

Although, you might still run into some "problem" clerks, you then have your back up.

It does not mention Doorbusters being excluded and says will match Print Ads.

With any store, and if a deal that is unbelievable comes around, always print their policies before you go. The stores don't seem to know their own policies at times.

Carrie @ said...


Click here to get all the price match and coupon policy.

Take this with you next time a deal like this comes up, so they can't fight you on the policy.

It does not mention DoorBusters

WendyMari said...

Target doesn't match timed events.

Carrie @ said...


LOL...I wonder if they changed that today due to this promo?

The ad link I had from Common Sense with Money didn't have that included then.

Better they add that to the terms,though, for future events!!

Thanks for the update!!!

Anonymous said...

I tried checking out on this deal today and after the clerk called over the manager to see if they could price match he told me I would have to go the customer service for price match. The manager then started thumbing through my coupons and said one of the bread coupons I had printed was to faint and that I could not use a $1.oo off coupon on two tiny loaves of french bread. I said I would just leave the whole load with them and go to another Target. Since I had not yet paid I just left them with the goods and returned home.

Hestermania! said...

i went last night and a manager told me that, yes, they price match a competitor's ad so long as you bring it in and it's not a one day or couple hour sale. (she said the two-day deal was fine.) so good. i had my toys'r'us flier, found one alphabet pal on the shelf, and went to be rung up. the cashier looked at me like i had two heads for even suggesting i pay what a different store suggests i pay, so that same manager comes over and tells me i have to do my price matching at customer service. fine. she sees my coupon, realizes i'll be paying $.49, and sends me on my way. half way there, she calls me back and asks, "was that a target coupon or a manufacturer coupon?" i tell her it was target, to which she responds, "oh, our store doesn't accept target coupons on price matches (just manufacturer coupons). you can use either the target coupon or the price match, but not both." i ask her why, since the price match is NOT a coupon, just a change in price. and why on earth would you take one particular type of coupon over another? AND i told her the store's corporate coupon policy says nothing about that. she starts to get really snippy like i'm asking for something illegal or unreasonable, then starts playing the "well, my boss said so..." card, which basically meant it did not matter what argument i had or how her logic made no sense. that's their policy and she can do nothing about it. so i handed her the alphabet pal, shook my head in frustration, threw out the flier, and walked out. on my way, i heard her go up to customer service and tell the girl behind the desk to make sure she did not accept target coupons with price matched items. so i left, super angry at another chain store for creating its own store-specific rules instead of abiding by the corporate policy. it wasn't easy for me to get there, especially having to stop at another store to pick up their circular on the way. i'm still frustrated just thinking about it...