Saturday, November 21, 2009

$15 off $15 at Chadwick's

Sorry I haven't been around all this week. I had some major computer issues that needed to be resolved and took the bulk of my time this week! But, I believe everything is up and running correctly again....keep your fingers crossed for me!

I am hoping most of you have seen this deal around the web this week while I was out of commission, but if not, I wanted to make sure I shared.

I was able to get a new pencil skirt for myself and a top. They were both on clearance, so with the $15 off I got both for $1.98. Add in shipping and the total came to $8.97 for both ( or a little over $4 for each piece ). Considering the top was originally $24.99 and the skirt was $34.99 plus shipping again, and I saved myself $58!!!! Plus, I will be getting another 4% back in my Shop at Home account.

If your spouse is trying to find something to buy you for the Holidays, pick out some things you like, give him the list and coupon code to go shop for you! What a great way to save on your gift this year! Or, what about others you need to shop for right now?

$15 off $15 at Chadwick's

If you are already a member of one of these programs, consider signing up for one of the others to get the $5 sign on bonus and save more!

But, if you have already received your $5 sign on bonuses from all the sites above, then the best % back is thru Big Crumbs.

  • Shop their clearance section to get the best savings! You are then combining the $15 off with sales prices to save even more. I picked from the $9.99 and $6.99 categories, to get as close to $15 as possible. But, browse all the clearance sections to get a great deal.
  • Check out and use code CH15OFF
  • Code expires November 23rd
  • Note: this code can be used at One Stop Plus, too!
Thanks to Mommy Snacks for sharing!

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1 comment:

Connie Petertonjes said...

Thanks Carrie! I was able to find 2 tops for myself today and spent less than $10 after shipping! Can't beat it!