Wednesday, November 18, 2009

$200 5 Piece Luggage Set for $50! Sale Shopping Time!

This would be a great gift for Christmas! Luggage is always so expensive, so when you can get it for almost 75% off it is a great time to grab it.

If you find this deal dead or gone, please let me know. The black already sold out ( fast ) and this is what is left, the charcoal. I expect it to be out of stock soon!

Here is the deal, thanks to Sears:

  • Click here to go to the 5 Piece American Tourister Luggage set and add to cart and save
  • Then, sign in or create an account with Sears
  • Log out
Now, to get the price down:If you are already a member of one of these programs, consider signing up for one of the others to get the $5 sign on bonus and save more!

  • Once logged into your preferred cash back site go to your cart. The luggage should be saved there.
  • Enter code SEARS5OFF50 in the coupon code section ( another $5 will be taken off )
  • Choose the free shipping method
  • Check out!
Here is the price breakdown:
  • Regular $199.99
  • Clearance $59.99
  • Coupon Code $5 Off
  • Final $54.99
  • $5 back if new member to a site above
  • 4% back equals $2.20
  • Final Price to you is $47.79 ( 76% savings ) if a new member or $52.79 ( 74% savings ) if a current member.

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Emily said...

Thanks Carrie! I bought this for a wedding gift.

J'Laine said...

Thanks, Carrie! We needed new luggage and this was a great deal! Ebates just sent me an email "We want you back" that they would give me an additional $5 for a purchase over $25, so it was a even more super deal!!

anon said...

it's 11 CST and sears says the profile no longer exists when i tried to put it into my cart. and it was a 5 piece luggage set. so i don't know if there is a 7 piece set for $50 but the link was for a 5 piece set.

Carrie @ said...

Yay! I am so glad you guys got in on it!


Thanks! I just updated the post. You would think I could count the pieces of luggage in the picture. Not sure why I typed 7...except it was pretty late last night when I did the post. :)

You may want to try again. I just tried the link, and was able to get it into my cart. It is noon CST right now. Let me know if you have better luck this time.

anon said...

thanks carrie. i'll try again.

i wasn't sure if there was another set of luggage on sale or just a typo. =)

tagskie said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Mary Beth said...

Thanks, Carrie!

Used Sears cc, too, so double points back!

Also, if you've signed up for the Sears or Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards card, there's a space during checkout where you can add your member number, to have the purchase apply to points in that program, too.

Can't wait! We have 25 year old luggage . . . unfortunately high quality, so still in very good condition . . . but gigantic & unwieldy. Looking forward to wheeling our new luggage through security!

Mary Beth said...

The luggage came yesterday and looks great! I've never had the newer pieces that roll, so of course had to play with all of them. Set them all up in the livingroom so that my husband could admire them when he came home (it's our Christmas gift to each other), and now they're asking when I'm going to take them on a trip. Dangerous! Thank you, Carrie -- before buying I checked the prices of equivalent sets & then jumped on this deal!!!

Carrie @ said...

Mary Beth,

I am so glad you like it all!!!

Very nice Holiday gift, and hey...if they get a vacation out of you, too...your family is really making out this year! :)