Sunday, November 29, 2009

$10 off $10 Kohl's

I hope everyone had a great LOOOONNNNGGGG Holiday weekend! We had a wonderful time enjoying our 4 days together with family!

I am getting home, going thru mail, and beginning the Christmas decorating. While going thru my mail, I found a few great finds.

So, I wanted to alert you to the fact that I had another ( yes, this is the third in the last few months ) $10 of anything coupon for Kohl's in my mailbox.

This means, I will be heading up to get more free or almost free merchandise. With the last two, I got my daughter her jeans for a little over $1 each. But this time, I plan to mark the last few items off my shopping list for Christmas.

Always match these coupons up with sales/clearance items to get items for free or at least 75% off or more. Combine them with discounted gift cards to get even more bang for your buck.

Want to get on their mailing list for future coupons?

In addition, I got my free subscription to Taste of Home over the weekend, too, and I had another $5 off $5 to Hallmark in there. This is $15 in free greeting cards I have now gotten from them. Click here to see all the magazines that have this coupon this month, so you don't miss out on it.

Finally, don't forget to register with JcPenney, either. They send the $10 off $10 ( and sometimes even $15 off $15 ). You want to make sure you get these coupons when they come out.

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Vicky said...

I have been registered for Kohl's emails for some time but have never received one of these $10 coupons (I did get my $5 for signing up). Do you get them with your monthly statements? Since I receive my statements electronically, I thought I might be missing something they send via snail mail.

Carrie @ said...


Definitely get your statements in the mail, as one of the 3 I got over the last few months was in my monthly statement. That one needed to be used with my credit card.

These other 2 coupons have come in the mail and can be used by everyone, whether they have a credit card or not.

Not sure why some get some coupons and not others. I was wondering if because I use them every time they send them to me, they keep sending me more? Not sure.

Watch you mailbox, though, to make sure you don't get it, too.

Josh and Amanda said...

There was also a $5 Hallmark coupon in the December Family Circle magazine.

Josh and Amanda said...

There was also a $5 Hallmark coupon in the December Family Circle magazine!