Sunday, November 29, 2009

MagNext iCoaster - 70% off plus Free Shipping

Hope you all don't mind if I just randomly post deals on gift sales around the Holidays. But, since we are almost to December, I have decided if I find a good price, I am going to share.

Amazon has the MagNext iCoaster 70% off. It is regularly $99.99 and they are selling it for $29.99.

I found it on Toys R Us for $89.99 and $69.99 on, so this price is indeed lower than everywhere else right now.

  • Click here to find the product. Once there, it will bring it up at a higher price. Do NOT click on that one. Look below the green In Stock phrase and you will see that they have New ones for $29.99. It is a small link right below. Click on that to order from Amazon for free shipping.
  • Choose Free Shipping upon checkout

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Debbie said...

Darn it! It's not $30 anymore. There's only 1 left, and it says, $48!

Oh well!

Debbie said...

Okay, now I see what's going on. Your link takes us to one of their vendors, but if you click on the $29.99 under that, it will bring up the Amazon link w/the $29.99 and the free shipping.


Carrie @ said...


Thanks for clarifying. I should have typed that in the post. I just updated so others will see how to find the lower price, too!

J'Laine said...

Just purchased! Thanks so much, of my sons has been looking at this in the stores for months, and with this price I could afford it! Love these deals - keep 'em coming! :-)

Carrie @ said...


So glad it worked out for you.

I had to laugh because I showed the pic to my son to see if it is something he would like, and he told me..this is what I wanted last year and I didn't get it....I hope I do get it this year.

Aha! Glad I waited and refused to spend that much for it last year!!! I am with you, this is much more affordable.