Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Panel Polls Available - Earn with Toluna

We are in the last week of October, and I wanted to make sure you logged into your Toluna account and took advantage of all the free points available.

Currently, they have a list of October polls ( one question answer ) and each is worth 15 points. They are very quick and easy. For example, how many cups of coffee do you drink a day?

I took 20 polls so far this month and earned 300 points in moments...I'll take it!

Before you get too excited, remember each $1 is worth 3,000 points. SOOOO...each question is only worth approx a penny. But, I do try to log in quickly each month to get my free points.

The surveys are obviously where you make the most money. I registered for a $5 Product Taste Test survey today. They asked for my address after the survey to send me products for my family to test and will then pay once the final survey is taken after you try the products.

In addition, make sure to click on your interest surveys tab. I am getting 2,000 bonus points for updating all my status updates. That is a nice bonus, too.

So, always check your survey email account each day for requests from Toluna. But, while you are logged in taking your surveys, make sure you don't miss out on all those free Poll points!

Click here to register with Toluna or to log in!

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