Saturday, October 17, 2009

Many New Nuitech Offers!

Welcome to my weekly post for all of you Online Offer enthusiasts out there.

Before we get started, I wanted to touch on one of the reasons many have been getting DQ'd this month!

For IDeal offers, there is a limit of $1,000 in gifts every 6 months from each of their sub sites. This means, if any gift you do has MORE than just the $500 gift card ( free Tshirt, free candy, free iPod..whatever ) that puts you OVER the $1,000 limit if you pair it with another $500 offer. So, please take this into consideration when choosing to do more than one offer in a 6 month period.

Here you will see a list of which new offers are available, so you can find out what is currently new and fresh in the world of online offers.

All of these offers will also be on my Online Offers page, along with any other online offers available. Please click here or go to the button in my left menu bar titled, Online Offers at anytime to read on how I make thousands with these deals.

In addition, when you decide which offer you are going to try, make sure to read the specific instructions for that company. They will be listed by company in the side bars on my Online Offers web page.

And, don't forget to email me your picture with your prizes when they arrive. And, leave a comment in the Blogger Bragger post when you get your goodies!!

Here are this weeks offers:
IDeal - Top Notch

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Megan said...

Hi Carrie,
In regards to being DQ'ed for I deal sites, you say that you can't go over $1000 in six months on a subsite. That means you can do a $500 card on one subsite (ex. market labs) and then still do the $500 plus a t-shirt on topnotch or other subsite, correct? TIA!


Carrie @ said...


Yes, it is per sub site that you can't go over $1,000.

Unless they change the terms ( always make sure to read them each time you do an offer ) you should be fine if you do it that way.

Rachael said...

oh no! I am so sad! I just completed 2 $500 and both have t shirts! Do they always catch it? I am still in the middle of the 2nd one. It looks like 2 of my silver offers won't approve. So If i don't do replacements and don't finish it will I get DQ still? Oh man!

Carrie @ said...


I wouldn't work on finishing it, in the hopes that you will get your first one.

Are they both with the same sub company ( both Top Notch, for example )?

I have no idea if they always catch it. But, I know they have caught many trying to do it. I would assume they watch it pretty closely, though. They seem on top of those types of things.

Rachael said...

yes they are both with top notch. If I don't finish it could I still get dq?

Rachael said...

ok just to make sure, if I do a nuitech I can sign up with a parent company that I already signed up with Ideal?
Thanks for your help!

Claire said...

Oh no! I just signed up for my last offers on the second Top Notch deal too! Does this mean that both offers will be DQ'd, or just the second one?

Carrie @ said...

Rachael and Claire,

You know...I don't know the answer to that. Everyone who contacted me that they got DQ'd had completed both offers all the way not sure.

If you quit and don't finish the 2nd offer, the 1st one might still go thru then.

It is worth a try!


Yes, Nuitech is a COMPLETELY different company than IDeal. They are not related.

The only way you wouldn't be able to sign up with a company again is if that specific company won't allow it ( for example, if you try to sign up with Blockbuster again, it may direct back to your original account and ask you to reactivate it ).

Rachael said...

Well I am keeping my fingers crossed! I am not sure which Nuitech offer to start with...any suggestions? Thanks Carrie!

Carrie @ said...

I would recommend doing the $1,000 one I have listed on my Online Offers web page.

It is a link in my right menu bar on the Online Offer page..scroll down below the Nuitech section.

Rachael said...

The one from Netblue?

Carrie @ said... are right..that is Netblue. That is a decent one, too.

If you want Nuitech, I would probably go for the $500 one then ( I think it displays an ad about tennis shoes )

Shannon said...


Can you elaborate on what a "subsite" is? The 1st offer I completed was from "e-research"... the 2nd was "consumer bonus". Both of these are Top Notch media... but are they considered separate "subsites"?

Carrie @ said...


Top Notch is the sub site of IDeal.

If you notice, go to my Online Offers web page. Scroll up and down and look at the left menu bar. I have all the IDeal offers broken out into their sub groups.

So, Top Notch, 123 Click, Jasper, etc, etc.

When I do my weekly listing, I also break them out. I will usually title them:

IDeal - Top Notch

IDeal - 123 Click

etc, etc, so that you can all sort them easily. said...

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staceycole said...

I am a rookie to online offers. On Monday of this week I registered for a $500 VISA gift card offer through Nuitech (nationalsurveypanel). I've logged on again a few different times to read through all the terms and conditions and decide which ones I would like to sign up for. When I went into "Check Gift Status," I noticed that I had a couple of different accounts. Tonight, I have a total of 9 different accounts registered to my email address with this company (that must be how many times I have come to this website so far to view the offers).They are all registered to the same ONE email account of mine but there were numerous accounts I could click on. Unfortunately because of the number of times I did this, I now have a lot of different accounts running (even though they are all registered to my one email address). I am worried that this will count as a negative towards me and I do not want to get DQ’d for this. On the other hand, I would rather know if I have already screwed up so I don’t waste all of my time and money signing up if Ive already messed up my chances of the gift card. SO…I called Nuitech and spoke to a live person about it. She told me that I would be ok because even though there are multiple accounts, they are all under the same name and contact info (and I havent actually signed up for any offers yet so anything I have viewed under these different accounts just show as "not reported"). She told me to make sure I use the very last account at the very bottom when I do start signing up and to make sure I sign up for everything all at once so that all of the offers I sign up for will be under the same ONE account (by the way, since I inadvertently viewed the different offers at different times, it shows that I have started two offers under one account and 8 offers on another and so on…even though I have just viewed the webpages and haven’t actually signed up for anything yet). I have looked around online to see if maybe others have had this issue and I didnt see this anywhere, so I wanted to post this before I start signing up for my offers to see if anyone could offer some insight into this and/or see if anyone else has had this happen. I realize most people sign up for all of their offers as son as they register but I obviously, did not. Have you ever experienced anything like this or know anyone who has? Im pretty worried about starting to sign up for these offers now. At this point, Im signed up/registered with nationalsurveypanel and need to get going on it but want to make sure I felt ok with it after talking to people who may have experienced something similar. The lady that I talked to at Nuitech was very nice and helpful but I would feel better if I could confirm that what she was telling me was accurate. If there is someone who would rather email me privately, my email address is THANK YOU!