Thursday, October 15, 2009

Earn Extra Money with Springboard America

Each week, I strive to bring or highlight a new survey company and the provide my survey stats!

If you want to earn money taking surveys, you can click here or go to my Surveys button in my left menu bar. I also have a listing of all survey companies I recommend.

For new readers, I provide my results to show others what companies are sending invites, approx. how many I qualify for and what I earn. Most companies provide points that I then redeem for cash. This gives everyone an idea of what to expect in general.

You can click my 2009 Savings & Earnings drop down in the right side bar to see how much money I have actually received in hand so far from surveys this year. That number does not include all the money I have earned, but have not cashed out yet.

This week, I would like to introduce you to:

I have been a member of this panel for a couple months now, taking a look around and checking things out. :) You may have noticed their name a few times in my past Survey Stats.

So far, the surveys I have all qualified for have earned me a dollar at a time. But, they have been relatively short. So, I have really liked that part. I am averaging about 3 surveys a month. Not a lot, but then again, mixed in with all the other survey companies, it has been a nice compliment.

But, it reminds me a lot of Global Test Market. You can only cash out when you reach $50. In addition to that, they also have surveys for drawings, too. So, if you enjoy those types of research projects, you can also contribute to those.

What I like about this company is that it is fairly new to the United States ( they do have a division in Canada ). So, it is due to increase in opportunities, I am hoping!

Would you like to join this new panel and begin earning money? Click here.

Finally, I would like to share my stats for this week.

Before you ask what happened, both my sons have the flu and the majority of the week has been designated to taking care of them. Brady is on day 7 of having a high fever and Noah began a fever yesterday. So, surveys were at the back of my mind this week. :) But, here are the 3 I did before the boys got sick.

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