Monday, September 21, 2009

Earn $ Printing your Coupons and More!

I love earning money online. The extra income I can bring in for my family, no matter how small, is exciting to me as a stay at home mother. This past week, my $10 Chili's Gift Card arrived from My Coke Rewards, and I was ecstatic! I plan to get one more from Lightspeed Panel with my surveys soon, and we can have a very cheap dinner out for the family!

But, not only do I like earning money, I like saving money for our family, too. Every time I save us money, that is EXTRA money we get to keep in our bank account ( and earn money on with interest ). Saving and Earning are both so important in personal finances for your family!

This is the reason I love saving at the grocery store! As most of my long time readers know, I use the Grocery Game. Click here to read more! And, the savings to my family has been substantial. My goal for the year was to spend no more than $100 a week at the grocery for my family of 5, but I have found this year has been even better than normal. Over the last month, I have been spending right around $50 each week. And, this is including my fruits and vegetables, meat, toiletries, etc. We eat well! :) In fact, I have come up with a fun way to make homemade meals with my "cheap" groceries each week that I hope to share in a post soon!

So, why am I talking about all of this? Well, I am trying to introduce you all to a program I use to save my family money at the grocery BUT also earn a little bit extra in rewards. In fact, you earn EVERY time you print and redeem coupons from their site at your grocery store! Not bad!


  • Click here to set up your account
  • Once registered, you can clip and print your & Smartsource coupons thru their site. You earn 10 points for every coupon your print and redeem and 25 bonus points if you redeem 10 or more in a month!
  • Earn points for reading emails. Set up a separate email address for their site ( you will get TONS of emails ). I set mine up as mypointsforcarrie@ and log in a few times a week and randomly read the emails and click on them. You earn points everytime you click thru and read the email.
  • Earn points for shopping thru their site. So, this is set up similar to Ebates or Shop at Home, etc.
  • Earn points for taking quick polls on their site. Usually 5 points per poll. Find them under the Tell Us & Earn section!
  • Redeem your points for gift cards and more. Just like Swagbucks, different gift cards are worth varying amount of points, so try and find the best deal.

Enjoy this program, especially as you print your coupons each week!

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Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

I like MyPoints, especially the bonus emails. You'll get a lot when you first sign up and then (in my experience) they taper off a bit.

I've never had luck with the coupons, though. I've printed some but I'm not at all sure that they've ever actually credited once I've used them. They don't make it very easy to check your history, and I haven't done the serious digging to double check, so maybe the points are there...I just can't vouch for it.

It is a fun program, though, and we have enjoyed dinner at Baja Fresh more than once because of it!

Carrie @ said...


So far, my coupons have been showing up, from what I can tell.

If you go to My Account, they will usually show up when you first print them ( or mine did ) but not the points.

Then, after I use them, I will usually see the credit come thru within the month. Usually faster, but one time it did take a bit of time for mine to show up.

I find the little questionnaires my favorite way to earn points! They are quick and easy for 5 points a pop.

I agree, tons of emails at first. DEFINITELY don't send this to your personal email account. Set up a separate emails or you will be overwhelmed!

Angie.. said...

my coupon points show up also. i love this program i have used it for a few years now and have earned alot of giftcards.

Blogger said...

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