Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Free Bottle of Coke, Dasani, Powerade or Minute Maid


I love Coke!

Right now, you can get a whole load of stuff for free!

First, you know I love loyalty programs. And, My Coke Rewards is one of those programs. I collect the points from tops of bottles, our boxes whenever we buy Coke products, etc. And, I enter them even though they hadn't had a prize I wanted to redeem my points for at the time. These "prizes" can change, and all of a sudden they have something you might be interested in.

Sure enough, they now have a couple different $10 gift cards available. I chose to cash out my points for a $10 Chili's gift card. And, I almost have enough points for a 2nd $10 Chili's gift card. Yay!

If you aren't a current member of My Coke Rewards, join here!

Next, they are currently running a promotion via their website. When you log in, click on the Pick Up Points tab. Once there, click on the Get 25 Points tab next to the TGI Fridays logo.

You will get:

  • 25 free points
  • Skip to the Front of the Line Pass at TGI Fridays ( Wow..this will be handy )
  • Coupon for free appetizer or dessert
  • Every time you have spent $100, you get a coupon for $8 free
  • In the future, you will get invites to special tastings, upgrades on beverages, etc
Now, once you get your 25 free points, you can immediately log in and claim one of these free gifts ( or save them ).
  • Free 20 oz. Coke ( Sprite, Diet Coke, etc )
  • Free 18.5 oz. Dasani Essense
  • Free 32 oz. Powerade
  • Free 20 oz. Minute Maid

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Anonymous said...

Where do I log into to get the free 20oz coke, mycokerewards or tgifridays

amy99s said...

The $10 chilis card is gone now BOO!!!!

Carrie @ said...

After you set up your TGI Friday's and you get the email with your 25 points, you need to enter it into your My Coke Rewards account.

Then, redeem your 25 points for whatever product you want ( of which I have listed ) they are 24 points.

You will have 1 point left over.

Carrie @ said...


Are you sure? I just logged back out there and saw it. Although, it is only one per household, so it doesn't look like I can order a 2nd one. Good thing I have almost enough points on Lightspeed Panel to get another Chili's card.

If you go to Spend points, and then click on the level for 280 points, it is listed under there.

Mine doesn't show it is gone, is yours?