Thursday, September 17, 2009

$3 Polo Style Shirts - Time to Stock Up!

We are a polo shirt lovin' family!

In fact, here is a photo of my son on his first day of school this year with one of his polo shirts! All his school clothes ( including all his polo style shirts ) I get for under $5. In fact, many of them this year, I got for $1.74. I picked them up on a 75% off sale earlier in the year, go figure! I saved them for him and gave him all his clothes as a gift the day before school started!

In fact, when it begins getting cold we still utilize his polo shirts. I always buy long sleeved Tshirts when I find them cheap and we put them under his shirts. The layered looks keep him warm, but ALSO look just like the much more expensive boys shirts from the stores that are simply made to look layered ( and aren't really ). :)

Such a handsome little fellow! ( OK, I am biased, I know )

Well, I was extremely excited to find such great deals on Polo Styled shirts for both men and boys! They are from two separate stores, so read below for full details:

$2.99 Polo Style Shirts for Men/Women - Long and Short Sleeve
  • Retail for over $20!!!
  • On clearance for $2.99!!
  • Must go thru Cashbaq. Click here to sign up. You will get 5% back on your purchase AND if a new member, you will get a $5 sign on bonus! ( some of the other companies have a higher payout for this company, BUT I could not find a link on their sites to get these $2.99 shirts. )
  • Once on Cashbaq, go to Aramark. There should be a button under Deal of the Day on their main page..right hand side of the screen.
  • Begin shopping and stocking up on tons of shirts!
  • Shipping is free if you order over $100 and $8.95 otherwise. If you order quite a few shirts, $8.95 divided into all of them doesn't come to much! If you take the $5 off from Cashbaq ( if you are a new member ) it brings shipping down to $3,95.

$3.99 or LESS Hanes Polo Shirts - Kids!!

  • Click here to go directly to Hanes
  • Or, you can go thru Ebates. They are paying the highest back at 8%! Plus $5 Sign on Bonus for new members. Sign up here.
  • Go to their site and search Hanes StayClean Cotton-Blend Kids’ Polo
  • The price will show $9, but when you load to your cart it drops to $3.99
  • Add more than one, and the price drops more. 2 shirts are then $2.49.
  • Use code 20PCTOFF for an additional 20% off ( this could negate the 8% back from Ebates, you never know. I plan to still try it )
  • Many of the items appear out of stock, BUT their site claims you order and it will be shipped later in the month when they get more on hand. Good news!
  • Shipping and handling is FREE if you order $45 but only comes to $5.99 otherwise. Not bad!
  • Breakdown? If you buy only 2 shirts, they come to $2.49 per each. 20% off brings it to $2.00. Take another 8% off and your shirt is down to $1.84!! Get $5 back as a new member of Ebates and your shipping is now only 99 cents!
  • Thanks Mommy Snacks!!!!
Enjoy dressing your men up! I am buying my son some shirts for next school year already! I am going to get the next size up and pack them away until next August! How fun!

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sally B said...

For the mens deal you can get 6% back through Ebates and still get them for 2.99.

Carrie @ said...

Thanks Sally! Awesome!

Sarah said...

I've been looking for a good deal on polos for my son's uniform tops. I ordered six shirts for $20.07 out of pocket. Thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...

$12.98 or $12.99 is the shipping I am receiving on Aramark's site, so it's definitely not as good of a deal, and there are no $2.99 in the sizes I need.

Thanks for the tip of a new place to watch for polos, though.

Carrie @ said...


That stinks! I have noticed this deal at Aramark before, so you will want to keep your eyes peeled for their next clearance.

Shipping may be different depending on which part of the US you live in, or maybe they raised it?

Liliana said...

I ordered 8 polos and 1 long sleeve t-shirt for my son. $22 with $1.99 sipping with code XHMM. Thanks!

Amanda said...

I love finding polos or just shirts in general for my son that are cheap. Check this shirts.

Tom Watson said...

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