Wednesday, September 16, 2009

$20 off $20 at Seventh Avenue = Great Savings!

You are not going to believe all the $ off $ coupons floating around out there this week! It is amazing! I am going to try to get through each one of them tonight and get them all posted for you so we can all take advantage of the great savings.

But, I wanted to start with the $20 off $20 at Seventh Avenue. It is a fabulous deal when paired with Sale items and you are then getting gifts or items you need for yourself for 75% or more!

So, here is my advice on how to utilize this code for the best deals:

  • Sign up or log in with either Shop at Home or Ebates. Both give you a $5 Sign on bonus w/your first purchase and they offer 4% back at Seventh Avenue for all users.
  • Once you are logged into either Ebates or Shop at Home, go to the Seventh Avenue link, which will then take you directly to their site
  • Click on the Sale tab in the upper right side
  • Go through the sections you are interested in and click on the button to sort Low to High. This allows you to find all items that are $20 or less ( or close to it )
  • Upload your items to your cart. I bought the shirts shown below for $16.99 ( Reg $29.95 ) and a pair of undies for $4.99 ( Reg $9.95 ).
  • Use code SA20
  • $20 will be deducted from your order.
  • $9.95 in shipping will be added. This does seem a lot for shipping, BUT if you are buying items on clearance ( worth $40 or more ) you are meeting the goal of buying at 75% off or less. I came in at 71%, pretty close. And don't worry, there is a lot more than just apparel to choose from when shopping.

How did mine breakout?

The top and panties normally cost $39.90. I spent $1.98 after coupon for both plus $9.95 shipping. Total was $11.93. I will get 4% back from shopping online, and that brings it down to $11.45 ( 71% off ). If I would have been a new member to Ebates or Shop at Home, I would have gotten another $5 back. So, you could potentially be spending only $6.45 ( 84% off )!!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome deal! I found a winter jacket and paid $28.99 total (less discount + shipping). That's a pretty good deal to me!

denise said...

Thank you so much! I was able to get a Life of Faith doll for dd for Christmas for $54 shipped. Now can I wait till Christmas to give it to her??? Thanks for passing along this great deal!

leannedra said...

I got an awesome wedding gift for $26.90 (total price after all adjustments and shipping)!

Carrie @ said...

I got my package today, and the shirt was super cute.

AND...they only billed me $5.95 for shipping. Isn't that bizarre?

I am not going to complain.