Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Up to $100 Bonus or more! College Advantage

I was so thrilled when I got an announcement from College Advantage, the 529 Savings program!

For many of you ( and there were a lot of you ), you took advantage of the bonus last time they had the $25 Sign Up bonus! But now, we ALL have the potential to make even more and thus increase the savings for our children's college education!

There are a few different opportunities here, so I will separate them out for you!

College Advantage - $25 Free

  • $25 Bonus for opening a new College Advantage 529
  • Must open with a deposit of $25
  • Must enter referral number. Scroll down to submit your request for a referral
  • $25 will be invested in your College Advantage account
  • Do NOT need to be an Ohio resident.
  • Expires December 15th, 2009

This is a fun promotion that was around earlier in the year, as I mentioned, and I loved it. First, we all know how important I think saving for my children's college is to me. And, we set up these accounts for our children and have been investing in them every month.

Now, this gives families the jump start to invest for college. And, it doesn't have to be for your kids! Remember, you can set up accounts for your grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc, too.

$50 Bonus for Refer a Friend

The best part, once you set your account up you also have a Refer a Friend program with College Advantage, too. This means, for every person you refer, you will get a $50 bonus So, spread the word!

Why is this exciting? Because every other time they ran this special, we only got a $25 bonus! And, I am also thrilled because so many of you signed up last time!

NOW...send emails out to all your friends. Or, post it on Facebook or Twitter for all of your friends and followers. You have the potential to make $50 or A LOT more if many of your friends begin saving for college, too!

And, at the same time, you have the peace of mind knowing you are helping your friends save!!

$25 Bonus for Systematic Savings

Finally, this is a new component to the bonus program they are running. I have never seen this one before.

If you are a current member or a new member, si

gn up for the automatic savings program. Here are the details:

  • Must enroll by January 31, 2010
  • Minimum of $25 be deposited via EFT from bank or payroll deduction from employer each time
  • For EFT, a minimum of 3 pulls must have happened in 90 days
  • For payroll deduction, at least one check must have been applied during the 90 days
  • EFT and payroll deduction must still be active at the 90 day mark when they issue your bonus
Extra Money!!!

Want to get started with your free $25 Sign on Bonus with College Advantage? Fill out the form below and I will get you your invite.

THEN, make sure you set up your systematic savings for an additional $25 and begin referring your friends!

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