Monday, August 10, 2009

Bank Offers - Free Garmin GPS from Key Bank

Welcome to this week's Bank Offer post!

Before I go into the details, remember to click here or go to my Bank Offers web page at anytime to find out details about making money with Bank Offers. In addition, you will also see I list all current offers in the sidebars on that web page. Feel free to click on any of the images to read details on receiving that Bank Bonus.What are the top three I recommend for everyone, and especially, those just starting out?

* ING Direct Bonus for Savings ( $25 Bonus )
* ING Direct Bonus for Checking ( $25 Bonus )
* Sharebuilder ( $25 Bonus )
* Virtual Bank ( $20 Bonus )

All four of these do NOT require direct deposit from a paycheck, which makes them very easy to complete.

In addition, you are gaining access to 3 very beneficial accounts.

Don't forget, you will want to click here and establish your free Quicken Software to manage all your bank accounts. It is essential to keep organized.

Here is this week's bank bonus:

Free Garmin® nĂ¼vi® GPS - Key Bank

  • Free Garmin 1200
  • Open a New Key Express Free Checking by September 11th
  • Make one KeyBank Rewards debit card transaction
  • Two direct deposits of $100 or more by November 13th
  • You will receive your GPS within 90 days of meeting all requirements
This is just an example of one of the methods thru their bank that you can get a free GPS.

Click here to sign up, read all the details and see all the options.

There is a Key Advantage Money Market Checking.

Or, if you want the Garmin 1350 instead, you can open a Key Privilege Checking or Privilege Select Checking.

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Anonymous said...

I've never jumped into the Bank Offers, but this one looks great! I think it'll be my first one. Thanks for sharing!

Kami :)

leannedra said...

Make sure you read the FAQ - you have to live in certain states to qualify for this deal (besides all of the other requirements).

Carrie @ said...


Yes, you have to actually live in a state that has a Key Bank.

They are:

Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, and Washington

leannedra said...

I actually do live in Michigan so I'm good there!

I went through the process and it says I cannot open the account online. I'm going to try again and if that doesn't work I'm going to call them. The closest branch is about 45 minutes away.

Linda said...

I opened a checking account last year on line when you could get the free IPOD Nano. It worked out great and I still use the account. I don't think I've yet set foot in the branch, but I do use the ATM there. I got the IPOD and gave it to my son for Christmas. So basically, I'm just saying I had a good experience with them and their free offer.

Bethany said...

Did anyone check to see if they do a hard or soft credit check?

Carrie @ said...


Last year when I opened my Key account, it was a soft pull.

But, I always advise you call them quickly before opening to make sure.

Things can change, you never know.