Monday, March 16, 2009

New Sharebuilder Ongoing Bonus!

I am so pleased to finally share another new Sharebuilder Bonus! They have been kind of hard to come by lately. :-) You will get $25 free for opening a new account with no minimum investment.

And, apparently, this code does not have an expiration code on it. Even better!

Remember, Sharebuilder is one of my favorite offers because it is a great way to start and get your feet wet with offers and trading in the market. There is no direct deposit required or any other hoops to jump thru.

There is no minimum investment to open your account and get the bonus. You simply set your account up, do a trade ( of whatever amount you want ) and your bonus usually shows up in your account in about 4 weeks. Remember, there is a $4 trade fee, but a great deal for free money.

Want to take part?

  • Click here to set your free account up
  • Use bonus code is 25WOLS
  • Complete one trade ( no minimum )
  • Your bonus will show up in approx 4 weeks

Don't forget, you can open an account for each family member in your family, but not more than one per person.

Finally, new to my site or Bank Bonus offers? You can click on my Bank Offers button in my left side bar at anytime to read all the details, or click here. I would recommend you read this page first, before starting. You will also find all current deals in the side bars.

Don't forget the two that I mentioned last week, to make a bit more $:

$25 Free from ING Direct and $25 Free to College Advantage

Finally, I started an open discussion on Facebook for Bank Offers. Please join my Facebook page and discuss any new Bank Offers you have found, how you are doing with your offers, any good programs the Bank may offer to their customer, etc. Until I get a Forum up and running, I will try to open discussions up to everyone on different topics.

Enjoy your free money!

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Nate @ Debt-free Scholar said...

Last time that I checked, people under 18 were not allowed to join. Guess what I will be doing on my eighteenth birthday...

Just kidding! ;)

Carrie @ said...


OK! I will send you a list of other things to do on your 18th birthday..and it is not getting Sharebuilder codes. LOL.

Anyway, yes, you can still open one but you will need a parent to sign up as the secondary/custodian.

Jesabella said...

I have used your codes in the past to set up new accounts with Sharebuilder and loved the $50 bonuses! But this one is different. I used this code for me and my husband and they sent me a message saying "It has been noted that you have opened multiple accounts, with identical registration information. We have restricted from activity all but the first of such identical accounts. Future identical accounts will be likewise restricted." They sold all of the stock and closed all the accounts except for my first 2 (one for me and one for my son). I don't think they are offering these promo codes like they used to! Just wanted t ogive everyone a heads up so they don't lose what they have invested!

Carrie @ said...

Yes, they are restricting them. And, it does make sense.

In the past, people were opening accounts over and over and just getting the bonuses.

They had me take all the $50 bonus codes off of my site early in 2009 and this current bonus is the only one I can share with readers now.