Monday, April 27, 2009

$200 Savings Bond and $25 Bonus - Bank Offers

Welcome to this week's Bank Offer post! Wainwright is courtesy of Claire at Choyster Cash!

Before I go into the details, remember to click here or go to my Bank Offers webpage at anytime to find out details about making money with Bank Offers. In addition, you will also see I list all current offers in the sidebars on that webpage. Feel free to click on any of the images to read details on receiving that Bank Bonus.

What are the top 3 I recommend for everyone, and especially, those just starting out?

ING Direct Bonus for Savings ( $25 Bonus ), Sharebuilder ( $25 bonus ), and College Advantage ( $25 Bonus ). All three of these do NOT require direct deposit from a paycheck, which makes them very easy to complete. In addition, you are gaining access to 3 very beneficial accounts.

In fact, the College Advantage is a great way to kick start a 529 account for your kids, yourself, a grandkid or anyone!

Don't forget, you will want to click here and establish your free Quicken Software to manage all your bank accounts. It is essential to keep organized.

Now, onto this week's Bank Offer!

$200 U.S. EE Savings Bond - Wainwright Bank
  • Open a new Value Checking account with a $10 minimum balance ( $500 balance must be maintained to avoid $6 monthly fee )
  • Must have direct deposit from paycheck, social security or public assistance
  • Click here to read all the details and sign up

$25 ING Direct Electric Orange Checking Bonus

  • This is $25 for a ING Direct checking account vs. the savings account I have discussed previously.
  • Must open with a $250 deposit
  • Check out their Interest Rates and their Refer a Friend program!
  • Fill out the form below to receive your referral.

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Laura said...

Oo, I'm first! I just wanted to let you know that I have some ING referrals left from back when I signed up, so if your referrals get used up and there are still people who want to open an account, I'd be happy to share. We really like both of our ING accounts, although we haven't tried Sharebuilder yet. Thanks for the great links!

Carrie @ said...

Thanks...I have never done this account yet, so it may be a while before I get thru all my referrals. But, don't worry, I will pass the referrals along once I am all maxed out.

ben said...

I have $25 bonus referrals left for the orange savings account. Please email me at to get your free cash now!

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Ing Direct User said...

Things have changed a little bit, but the referral links are still good. You can make $108 by opeining ING Direct accounts see: for details and more referral links. No email communication needed. Just click on the referral link you want to use.