Monday, August 3, 2009

Update: Free Membership to Curves thru the end of Summer

Update: Thanks to the comments below! This is ONLY free if you sign up for a contract to stay on with Curves as a member. I entered my information, but have not gotten a call yet. But, I will not be doing it if it is not free 30 days membership.

I will leave this offer out here, in case any of you are interested in Curves!

As if the 30 days free to Leslie Sansone mentioned here wasn't enough to get me motivated to work out more, now Curves is offering free membership to their facilities until the end of summer. So, approximately a month!

Most of the offers I have seen for them lately have only been for a week, and I didn't even bother sharing on my I felt a week wasn't really worth it!

I am pretty excited to try it for a month, though. Last year I tried 30 days free to a local fitness club, and it was nice to go to an outside facility for free.

Interested in going for the rest of the summer, too? Click here.

And, hey, if you are a local friend, give me a call when you are heading up. I could use a fitness buddy! :)

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Laura, Yellow Springs said...

They don't give you any details on the Curves website, but this isn't exactly a freebie.

I was planning on joining Curves anyway, so I took advantage of this deal. But the promotion is that if you JOIN Curves, you get August free and 50% off the joining fee. At my club, the normal joining fee is $149. So to qualify for the promotion, you have to sign a 12 month contract, pay 1/2 the joining fee (for me it was $74), and then you'll get the rest of August free.

If you want a true freebie, the one week trial is the way to go. You don't have to join to take advantage of that, so it really is FREE!

Floofy said...

Laura: the same exact thing here in washington state. Although, when I called, it just so happened that they moved to a new location and had a local special where there is no sign up fee and it's $34 a month! I made an appt. for tomorrow :)

Carrie @ said...


I don't want that!!! When I did the 30 days free thru Fitworks last year it was truly FREE!

I just wanted to try it!

Thanks for the update..I will update the post!