Saturday, August 1, 2009

Completely Free Tank Top from JcPenney

Wow...happy, happy, joy, joy!

August 1st is a great day! Lot of fun freebies.

Starting today, JcPenney is giving a free tank top online. No Shipping! No credit card required!

Click here to order yours!

And, as always, remember being a member of a companies newsletter is the best way to find deals, get freebies and coupons. Set up a separate email account for "deals" and enroll.

I highly recommend you sign up here for JcPenney's newsletters and coupons!

Just go here to register with JcPenney! The best are their $10 off $10, and sometimes even $15 off $15 coupons!

Thanks so much to Free Sample Freak for emailing me this great find! She has a great blog, so go check her out!

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Sally B said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

nfarbotko said...

It's already out of stock.

A.Marie said...

Thank you anyway, but they were already out of stock. That's okay; I'll just get in on another deal some other day! :)

Anonymous said...

I just ordered one. It came up as backordered until 8/30 so maybe its still good.

Carrie @ said...

Sorry so many of you missed out.

Make sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

I posted this early this morning and tweeted and Facebooked it, so many of us got in on it.

The feeds that go out from the blog ( email subscriptions, feeds ) only go out once a day, and usually after deals are often times out of stock or over.

Here is my Facebook page

Twitter is MoneyMethods

I update those live, as I post on my site, so if you catch the deals will usually get them before they expire!

Anonymous said...

The tank is already out of stock. What a hot summer item.

Kookaburra said...

Thanks so much! I ordered mine... like another commentor said, mine came up as backordered till 8/30. But, it still went through and I got the confirmation email that it would be sent.

Thanks again!