Sunday, August 2, 2009

$10 Free - 75% Off Toys - Time to Stock Up!

Reminder: Did you take part in this deal with me? If not, don't forget to stock up!

If you did take part with me, did you sign up with Complete Savings trial program at the end?

Well, because we are officially in August now, you can order $10 more worth of product and send in for a $10 rebate thru the company again. If you want something completely free, make sure your total with shipping and product comes to approx. $10.

Also, please note: if you decide to cancel your trial membership at the end of the month, there is a chance that they may not have already sent the rebates for August. In the past, I have always gotten my 2nd rebate, but there is no guarantee.

Finally, make sure to go down to the comment section and read Janet's experience with the program. She loves it and explains how she saves money each month with it.

It is stock up time! Pull your lists out and see who else you need to buy gifts for yet! Whether it be Christmas or Birthdays, when you can find gifts on sale 75% or more it is beneficial to buy your gifts and save money for your family. So, I am pleased to find 75% or even more on toys!

New to Money Saving Methods? Click here to read and understand how I sale shop to save my family money.

What are some deals that I found today?

Screenlife Disney Princess, Dream Journey, DVD Board Game

  • Regular $31.99
  • Sale $4.99
  • 84% Savings ( will be higher if you use the new customer promo mentioned below)

Hannah Montana Guitar Video Game

  • Regular $64.99
  • Sale $18.99
  • 71% Savings ( will be higher if you use the new customer promo below )

Magnext Magna Bones, T-rex

  • Regular $15.00
  • Sale $3.99
  • 71% Savings ( will be higher if you use the new customer promo below )

Mega Brands Bobbin' Bumblebee Game

  • Regular $24.99
  • Sale $6.99
  • 72% Savings ( will be higher if you use the new promo below )

Mega Brands Struxx Electrotekpack Robotrixx

  • Regular $87.99
  • Sale $16.99
  • 81% Savings ( will be higher if you use the new customer promo below )

Want to receive additional savings on these prices? If this is your first time order for non-Prescription purchases thru, you will get $5 off $30 order or $10 off $50. In addition, you will also qualify for free shipping if your order is over $25 ( for first time non prescription orders ).

Want in on the deals? Click here to go to Once there, go to the clearance tab and then toys. You can then scroll thru all items, or copy and past the name of the item I have listed above!

In addition, you can save even more! If you are new to Ebates, you can get another $5 back ( new member sign on bonus ) AND they are offering 12% right now. Thanks to Tara for commenting below on this extra rebate thru Ebates right now.

Click here to sign up with Ebates and then go to thru their site to get 12% back.

But, WAIT! There is more!! At the end of your order, a free trial will pop up and you can get an extra $20!!

Here is what happened with me, I ordered my toys ( minus the guitar, because it didn't qualify for free shipping ). Then, I signed up for the free trial. I got $10 off my next order. So, I logged back in, ordered the guitar and the $10 paid for the $5.99 shipping and brought the price of the guitar down even more.

Then, they give you a $10 rebate for any order placed in July. You simply email the order confirmation to, and they will send you another $10 check in the mail. So, I got the $64.99 guitar for under $5!! Can you believe it? Love my free trials.

Remember to mark you calendar, so you know when the trial ends and you have to make your decision on whether to keep your membership or not.

Have fun shopping!

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Tara said...

Ebates is offering 12% cash back at through tomorrow. (7/31)

Di said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carrie @ said...

Ohh...that is awesome!!!

Thanks for the heads up. I will updated the post.

Di said...

Thanks a bunch!! I placed an order and saved over $100!! Plus I also linked through shop Discover so I'm hoping I'll get another 10% cash back. If not, I'm satisfied w/ my savings anyway!! Thanks so much for the link.

Chief Family Officer said...

Thanks, Carrie! I was just looking for something to spend my dollars on before they expired and this was perfect!

Frugal Felicia said...

I did two transactions. I got 4 of the disney princess games, the bee game, and a hand held electronic word game. It cost about $32 OOP. I will get back a $10 rebate by mail, and $5 cause I went through cashbaq (didn't have any rebates through them yet). Saved over $150! Grand total will be $17 for 6 toys! Thanks=)

Anonymous said...

free trial didn't pop up....Here is what I did. I place none toy item then check out but no pop up...

Carrie @ said...

If you qualify for the trial, you will see a spot under your total on the invoice with a link for the trial.

If you have done these trials before, the company may not offer it to you again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carrie. Do you think you need to buy toy items to qualify? I placed a beauty item instead of toy items....

Carrie @ said...

Read the terms, but I am pretty sure it just said non-prescription items.

So, most beauty items should qualify.

Anonymous said...

I belong to complete savings - and I like it. It is one company that I have stayed beyond the trial membership.

I joined when it was offered during a checkout with Pizza Hut. Since it gives me $10 back each month from Pizza Hut, it really works for us.

My monthly price is $12 a month - but with the $10 back (on pizza for me) and the points I make my money back. Now we can buy 4 $25 gift cards for $20 each a month too. (That is new).

If you DO stay a member, be sure to print 2 attraction, 2 shopping, and 2 dining couponseah month. You get points for these (and points for being a member) so every few months you can cash in the points for a $25 Visa card.

I didn't pay attention to the printing coupons part when I first joined - and missed out on some points.


Anu said...

Hi Carrie,
I am a bit confused.
I placed my order with just today. I signed up with Shoppers Discount to get the $10 to use on my next purchase. So far I am good. But then in your blog you mentioned to email order onfirmation to to get $10 back. Is this $10 extra on top of the 10 dollars I get back from signing up with Shoppers Discount? This is my first purchase with
Thanks for your help.

Carrie @ said...


Yes, this is a rebate.

But DON'T use that email address. You signed up with another company but it usually has the same promotion.

Log into your account with Shoppers Discount. You will see a spot, I believe, on the left hand side for your monthly $10 rebate. Click on that and it will give you your email address to send your invoice.

Now, just email your invoice from today to that address, and they will mail you a hard copy check for $10.

Anu said...

HI Carrie,
thanks for getting back to me.
I logged into Shopper Discount and do not see anywhere on their site for a 10 dollar rebate. Am I missing something, or this promotion is no longer available?
Anyone else sign up with this company and get their rebate?

Dana said...

Anu- I did the same one. This is the email for the Shopper Discount one. HTH

Anu said...

Awesome Dana, thanks for all your help.