Wednesday, August 5, 2009

$100 Free Facebook Advertising Credit

Are you a fellow blogger?

Do you own your own home business? Or, have anything else you want to advertise?

Well, I must say, Facebook is a GREAT way to go! I put my ad out there yesterday and paid per click to my site and I had so many clicks, I went thru all my money in a day. :)

What is nice is that you can set up a cap for you how much of the money you want spent each day, what your target audience is ( do you want you ads only seen my females in a certain age range, for example ) and you can add your own image and text.

Please note, even though you have a $100 credit, you DO need to shut your ad off once it reaches $100 as you will be responsible for any charges over the free $100. how do you get your ad out there?

Click here and register for free with the Visa Business Network. They are in their Beta phase, and as an intro they are offering this $100 credit!

Hope you can use this free advertising, too!

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Cindy@Living Rich said...

I had a $100 Facebook ad credit from another offer and I let it expire. I will definitely be using this one. Thanks for posting.

A Goddess of Frugality said...

Thanks for the posting. What a great deal! You and your site are so helpful.


The Frugal Homeschooling Mom said...

Great advice! I've done this myself, and already used up my credit. It was so worth it! Good luck to everyone who tries it.