Wednesday, August 5, 2009

$10 off $10 at JcPenney! Plus, free $10 Rebate

Are you ready for some more free merchandise from JcPenney?

First, go here to register with JcPenney and sign up to get their newsletters in the future so you don't miss out on their wonderful coupons. Remember to set a separate email up for all your "deals" and newsletters. If you have already registered for their newsletter skip to below.

Right now, JcPenney has a $10 off $10 internet coupon for their online store. Today, I bought these pants for my son ( getting ready for school ) and this shirt for my husband ( he loves these Ts for around the yard in the fall ).

How do you get the best deal? Well, Ebates has the best cash back rate. If you haven't signed up with them yet, go here. You get a $5 sign on bonus. Then, you log into their account, go to JcPenney thru their site and get 5% back on your purchase!

Once you have gotten to JcPenney thru Ebates, if you click on the outlet button along the top, you can go to many different categories. I went to the $9.99 or less section to find my deals.

Between both items, I paid $2.98 plus I had it shipped to the store. So, my total came to just over $7 with shipping my delight, there was a 30 day free trial at the end and I get an up to $10 rebate! Yay! So, now I got it all for free, PLUS the 5% back from Ebates! This was a great money maker for me, plus two nice products!

Want to get in on this deal?

  • Go to Ebates here ( $5 sign up bonus for new members and 5% back )
  • Once on Ebates, go to JcPenney
  • Pick your items
  • Check out and enter code GET4BTS
  • Check out and the free trial link will be under your total on your invoice
  • Copy terms of trial and mark your calendar for 30 days. Try the company out and decide whether you want to stay a member or not at the end of your trial
  • Remember to keep your invoice for your $10 rebate. Everything will be mailed to you within 2 weeks.

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Christopher said...

When I follow the links you gave, I get spam offers, and nothing that has to do with JCPenney.

Carrie @ said...

I just tested it and you give your information on the 1st and 2nd page and you are registered for the JcPenney newsletters and mailings.

As my registration page says, you can then choose to skip thru the rest of the offers ( which is what I assume is what you are calling spam ) to get to the grocery coupons at the end.

This is the same process you go thru to make thousands with Online Offers. Click on my Online Offers button in my left menu bar to read more on how to go thru all of these to make money.

Always click makes it go faster to get to the good stuff at the end.

Renee Richins said...

Does the $10 come off after you enter your credit card info with the GET4BTS code?

Carrie @ said...

I don't remember exactly, now that you ask.

BUT, it definitely should be off before you click to finalize the order.

bookworm0709 said...

I just did this deal with JC Penney through Ebates and it was great! I got two shirts, one for each of my girls, and only paid $14 by using the $10 off code. Plus, at the end, I clicked on the link for the rebate! So my final cost will only be $4!

Thanks for the tips.

Arianna A. said...

Thanks for the deal. Got two shirts for myself for 8.11 and will be getting that money back! Love the site,

Satsuki Rebel said...

This was a really good one. After the $10 rebate, $10 code, and shipping to store I was able to get this queen sheet set for only $2.31!

Satsuki Rebel said...

Christine said...

Ok, so I am wondering about the rebate/ JCPenny Voucher Redemption. It says Stonebridge Benefit Services will pay the amount of the receipt up to 10.00 excluding shipping and tax. On my Order Confirmation it states that my subtotal was $1.98, but on my receipt from the store(when I picked up my purchase) it shows my Merchindise total as $11.98. I want to make sure to get the full 10 dollars back. Do you think it is ok if I submit the receipt I had to sign when I picked it up? Any additional thoughts or info would be greatly appreciated. Which one did you submit?

Carrie @ said...

My stuff hasn't arrived yet.

But, if it is an itemized receipt, I would probably submit the higher valued one.

Or, do the stipulations say it has to be the order confirmation from online?

I haven't looked at it that closely yet, since my stuff hasn't come in.

Christine said...

Ok, Thank you! I will try, hopefully it will go through as planned! Have a great weekend!

busy mom said...

I did this , this mg. I got the pop up and it says for a 30 trial and you will get the info. through the mail with in 7-10 days and you get a $10 jc pennys gc or that is how I took it.
But I can't find the number or email addy to cancel it. does any know?
I got my son a pr. of $52 Jeans for $8.?? Thanks

wahtrends said...

I used this coupon code on a couple different orders for my son's school clothes - and I got a nasty email from JCPenney telling me I was only allowed to use the discount code once! They wanted me to combine my orders and resubmit... and they cancelled my order! I was a bit shocked, but I guess if using it more than once you have to space out the orders more.

Carrie @ said...


I have only ever used the JcPenney code once. I believe they are right, and are a one time use only.

But, it was worth a try. :)

I had the hard copy coupon, and they took it from me when I shopped at the store so I couldn't use it again.

Anonymous said...

Call 877-259-4569 (option 7) to cancel Stonebridge Benefit Service Perfect Home Select Membership. Be sure to make a note of the cancellation confirmation number.