Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Almost Free - 100 Pc. Plastic CD/DVD Sleeves

Need to get all your CDs and DVDs organized?

Well, here is the deal for you! It is a 100 piece CD/DVD Sleeve sale! :)

Actually, the nice part, though, is it holds 200 disks because it is dual sided.

Regularly, this sells for $19.99 on eForcity, but if you log in tonight at 9:30 PM EST, you can get them all for 25 cents! But, it is only for the first 2000 customers. After that, it goes to $3.99 up to 4,000 customers. Then, $4.99 after that.

It is free shipping, too! Bonus!

Go here to login to eForcity.

Then, do a search on product CD / DVD Sleeve w/ 2 Binding Holes, 100pcs, Assorted Color

Use coupon code: CDSLEVE810

Finally, if you didn't get my message on my Facebook page the other day or via my Tweet on Twitter, if you follow eForcity on Twitter, they are randomly sending a free $3 off $3 coupon out via Direct Message. I got mine the other day! Not everyone is getting one, but it seems like quite a few are. Worth a try!

Thank you to iMommies for this great find!


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Nilz said...

A cool deal! Thanks for sharing!