Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New $75 Study - Focus Forward

Update: Prescreener is now full. I still recommend registering below so you are ready for the next invite. As you can tell, there were two $75 studies in the last week and a half.

When I see a new study invite open, I will be sure to post.

I am happy to announce that Focus Forward has another $75 Phone Interview study running! Congrats to all that were accepted for the last one.

Why do I like this company? Even when you do a prescreener, it takes less than a minute to run thru the few questions to see if you are accepted!

The study will be sometime from June 12th thru June 19th and is for women 25 or older.

You take a short prescreener online and if you are accepted, they will notify you via telephone.

New to Focus Groups/Market Research? Click here or go to the Focus Groups button in my left menu bar to read my web page describing this money making activity. In addition, there are links in the sidebars with Focus Groups I will recommend. I will be adding new ones throughout the year.

Would you like to register with Focus Forward and receive an invite to this $75 study prescreener? Please fill out the form below.

For everyone who registered with this company last time I posted about it, I have sent you a link via email. Please check your inbox and SPAM.

Good luck!

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Labyrinth22 said...

Hi Carrie, I emailed last time and I registered, but I did not get a link this time. could you resend to my email? thanks!