Friday, June 12, 2009 needs Mothers of Babies & Survey Stats

My Survey, one of my favorite survey companies, is in need of Mothers of Babies right now and ask that if you fit this demographic, please click here to register.

But, don't worry. If you are not a Mother of a Baby right now, they still need all registrants, too. Please register here for everyone else.

I have talked about this company in the past, and my favorite part of this company is that they pay for prescreeners. They usually don't take me long to do the prescreener, and I get 10 points per each I complete. Now, this equates to only 10 cents ( not a big deal ) but if I get accepted into the survey, I can get paid much more. I have been paid anywhere from a few bucks to $10 for a survey before. Not bad!

Another aspect everyone should consider is that they pay $1.50 per referral of friends/family, etc. So, make sure to shoot an email out to your email list.

Anyway, here are my survey stats for the week!

Survey Stats

  • Test Spin - 2 Prescreener & 1 Survey - $1.00
  • Zoompanel - 1 Survey & 1 Prescreener - 55 Points
  • Opinion Outpost - 1 Survey - 20 Points
  • Survey Savvy - 1 Survey & 1 Prescreener - $2.00
  • Survey Head ( Get $5 when you register ) - 2 Prescreeners - Didn't qualify
  • Lightspeed Panel - 1 Survey - 75 Points
  • Valued Opinions - 1 Prescreener - Didn't qualify
  • Survey Spot - 1 Prescreener - Didn't qualify
  • My Survey - 1 Prescreener - 10 points
  • HCD Surveys - 1 Survey and 1 Prescreener - $1.00 ( this is the new company I talked about this week. I was contacted by them directly and said I should consider them a survey company instead of focus groups, so I am changing them over. In addition, reread the post here. They provided me a twitter and facebook link for them, so we can all follow them! YAY! )
Not too bad this week, since I only took surveys periodically this week ( I have over 50 emails in my survey inbox still ). So, I didn't do a very good job of staying on top of them this week. But, I hope to get back into my groove next week. :-)

Hope you had a great money making week, too, with your surveys!

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Anonymous said...

Does mysurvey points expire? I completly forgot about this and logged on to find out that i had about 700 pots... I better work on it...i guess i had this for a long long time ago like 2 to 4 yrs...


Carrie @ said...

Sandy, YES!

At least it used to.

Your points don't expire, BUT...if you are inactive for too long, I believe they do close your account out.

So, as soon as you see an invite for another survey, hurry and do the prescreener, just to show you are active.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carrie. I hope i am still active b/ i was able to log on and it shows available pots..Do you think i am still active. How would you go about to find out if you are stil active or not....Wow...if it wasn't for you then there is no way of knowing that i had this much of pots....yippppppppiiiii...