Saturday, June 27, 2009

Auto Renewal Benefit - Entertainment Book!

Do you remember when we all got our free Entertainment Book for 2009? Click here to read the original post.

That was the 2nd year in a row I got my book free, and it definitely has paid off. In fact, on our vacation to Mackinac Island last week, we saved immensely thanks to our book. We stayed at the Mission Point Resort. Through their site, the cheapest I could find was $125 a night under their last minute "specials". Yes, we booked the day before we left.

Next, I searched all the sites and Expedia was the cheapest at $105! But, when I went thru Entertainment, we were able to get it for $89 a night! That adds up over multiple nights. In fact, it ended up being cheaper than staying in Mackinac City. And, we would much rather stay on the island!

So, needless to say, we love our Entertainment Book.

But, if you remember, when we signed up we got an extra $5 off if we signed up for auto renewal. Well, it is now time to cancel that if you aren't interested in paying for the book next year. You can go here to cancel the auto renewal. You should receive a letter in the mail soon as well, reminding you that you can keep or cancel the 2010 book. My customer number was included in my letter.

Why am I writing this post?

Well, because even if you are planning to keep your auto renewal, please go to that site and start the cancellation process.


Well, before they let you cancel, they offer you a 2nd Dining card to stay on the auto renewal program. And, if you enjoy the dining program thru their book, then why not get a 2nd card for FREE!

Meanwhile, if you do cancel, they do say they will charge the $5 back. So, we will see. Others have said the charge never came through, but even if it is just charging the $5 savings I got last year back. :-)

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kelly said...

I am going to take advantage of this if they offer it for 2010. thanks