Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vacation Time is Over!

Well, if you haven't noticed, there has been a lack of posts this week.

My family and I ( and my parents ) headed to vacation at Mackinac Island! We were gone for the week, and I scheduled a few posts. But, I had taken my laptop planning on updating my blog while I was up there and when we arrived, I realized I forgot my plug for my computer. Ugh!

So, I haven't been on my site, email or in anyway reachable this week. I apologize!

But, it was well worth it! The time with my family was priceless, and if you ever get a chance to visit Mackinac...take it! I absolutely loved the island. Not only was it unbelievably peaceful, it was like stepping back in time. Only horse and buggies and bicycles are allowed on the island. All the building are historic and even our rooms had NO air conditioning!
Yes, it is true. NO AIR CONDITIONING! But, don't worry. You don't really need it. At night, it was actually chilly in our room getting down into the 60s and in the daytime, the high was in the 70s. Well, except for the day the heat wave went thru the U.S. But, even that day wasn't too bad!And, to top it off, the flowers were gorgeous! Their seasons are so far behind ours up there that all the lilac bushes were in bloom. And, the whole island was covered. The smell was wonderful, well, until a horse was nearby! :-)

Anyway, just thought I would share a bunch of the pics from our adventure. And, I will be back to my regular routine of posting now that I am safely back in good ol' Ohio!

Kiddos on the grounds of the resort

Kids & horses from our 2 hour carriage ride around the island

At the Butterfly House

So upset! He did NOT like being barefoot!

Put my daughter to work doing laundry!

Hope you had a great week, too!

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Michelle W. said...

Looks like you had a wonderful family vacation. Glad you are back to posting though!

kelly said...

great pictures thanks for sharing.Looks like loads of fun.

Corrie at "Cents"able Momma said...

I love Mackinac Island! We're going there at the end of July for a week (although we'll be camping near Mackinaw City). Looks like you had a lot of fun :-).

Trixie said...

Hi Carrie!

I'm so glad you had a fun family vacation. Isnt' it such a blessing to be able to take a break for a while?

I live in Michigan and have been to Mackinaw Island a couple of times; it is just so beautiful.I kind of like being forced to take it easy:)

Take Care,


Anonymous said...

It's Amanda G--I am glad you had a great time!! Welcome back.

Amy said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Thanks for posting pics... your family is beautiful!

leannedra said...

I'm from Michigan and although I've only been to the island once, it really is beautiful! In fact, I've been bugging my husband to go since he's never been there!

katy said...

Great pictures! You have a lovely family. DH went to Mackinac Island on his snowmobile in February.

Amy @ Finer Things said...

I've been told that Mackinaw Island is a great vacation spot. Michigan is quite a drive from Kansas, though... maybe someday! :)

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Looks like you had a wonderful and relaxing time! I love Mackinaw and Mackinac Island. I grew up visiting both every year. we are hoping to head up there sometime this summer.

Diann :)

Wendy said...

Awesome Pictures! I live in Michigan and love it up north! Been awhile since I have been to the island but thinking it may be time to take the kids again! Michigan is such a great state, has a lot to offer, except jobs!! Our economy is so bad right now. Glad you had a great time!