Sunday, June 28, 2009

$75 Diaper Studies & $65 Music Study

If you live in the Southern Ohio area, here are some opportunities to earn some extra money via Focus Groups.

If you are not from this area, make sure to click on my Focus Groups button or go here to learn how to make money via Market Research and sign up for the companies I have recommended thus far and in your area of the U.S. I will be continuing to bring new companies to you weekly.

$75 Diaper Studies

Currently, Qfact Marketing is looking for people to participate in a $75 Diaper Study. There are two going on. The first is for babies 6 to 48 months. The 2nd is for children 18 to 48 months. They still need many participants, so if you are available next week, this is a great chance to make some money!

Would you like to participate in these studies ( remember, you must be from Southern Ohio )?

Click here to sign up with Qfact Marketing.

Next, go here to enter your information and I will forward it to the appropriate contact for each study. They informed me they could then call your directly, if they still have openings, to prescreen you.

$65 Music Study

Next, you will remember I just introduced you to Assistance in Marketing last week. They do have many locations around the United States, so make sure to click here to sign up and get in their database.

This study is being held July 9th in Southern Ohio. It is regarding music and will pay $65.

If interested, call 513-683-6600 and ask to be screened for the music study after you have registered to be in their database. They will be back in the office on Monday doing their screeners. Please let me know once this is full!

Don't forget, as you qualify and complete Market Research Studies, please come back and leave a comment on my Bragger post. I hope to find this feature is worthwhile for my readers and earns them extra money!

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Anonymous said...

This is totally off topic but I tried to email you and it got rejected for some reason. I think I am finally ready to do an online offer and was wondering if it is too late to do the Ideal 500$ visa card from you post on May 30th. Is it too late or is it still ok to do? Thanks! Kim S

thethriftygeek said...

Carrie, thanks for these alerts. I just did a study group in Louisville and got paid $125. I was so excited and it was fun.

I have a great giveaway on my site. 3 months of laundry detergent from Dropps. Come over and sign up.

Love your site.

Jennifer said...

I always get called or "screened" but seem to never qualify. They called me about the music study and then told me all those catagories were full. It just stinks that it takes all that time to go through the screening and then to find out I can't do it. Would love to do the diaper study. I am already signed up with qfact, do you think they will call me or do I need to sign up again? Thanks for all the hard work you put into the blog!

Carrie @ said...


They are in DESPERATE need for moms on the diaper study! Call them!!!

If you don't mind, can you tell them you heard about their need from Carrie at

I don't get credit or into their drawing since you are alredy a member, but my hope is if I get on their radar screen they will alert me to upcoming studies on a regular basis so I can share them with all my readers.

I would like to be a resource for Cincinnati in this arena, and would appreciate any word of mouth promotion to their company when you call!


Janet said...

Carrie, thought you might think this was funny like I did. I called about the music study and they told me I was too old. I guess young at heart doesn't make a difference. LOL