Monday, June 29, 2009

80 to 90% Off at Kohl's

I hit it big at Kohl's today! I was so pleased! Look at all the fun merchandise I got!

I originally headed to the store STRICTLY to use my $10 off $10 coupon they sent me. I figured, hey, why not get something for free or almost free!

Want to be on Kohl's "coupon" list? For online sale alerts, etc, click here. In addition, they will send you a $5 off $5 or more coupon for in store purchases. Yay!

Interested in getting many additional coupons good in the store? Seriously consider applying for the Kohl's credit card here. You will get many additional coupons than the average shopper. Remember, it is a credit card and should be paid off in full each month. In addition, it will affect your credit score. I don't use my card often, but I am glad I have it. I am thankful for the extra savings I get as a cardholder.

If you get the opportunity tomorrow, consider stopping by your local store. I found the women's winter clothes marked down to 80 to 90% off. I was able to get jeans for $5!

In addition, I was getting tops for as low as $3.60. It was amazing!

I stocked up on Christmas gifts for the ladies ( Yay! ) in my family and also Christmas shopped for myself, too. Yes, I know. It is not as exciting. But, I would rather pick out items I like at an extreme discount. This saves my family a lot of money, and saves my anti-shopping husband from miserably going out to shop during the Holiday rush.

So, I got winter clothes for myself that I will force him to wrap ( hey, I have to make him do something, right? ) and he and the kids can give them to me this winter during Christmas. And, I can't wait to be surprised. I love my new clothes! :-)

In addition, thru tomorrow Kohl's has the spend $50 get $10 in Kohl's dollars. The Kohl's dollars can be used just like cash at Kohl's. So, if you buy something for $10, it will be free. This sale runs thru tomorrow, so if you want to try and buy off the clearance racks try to go and get in on this additional incentive, too.

Want to know how to save your family money by sale shopping? Click here to understand this method I use for my family.

How did I do? I spent $102. The total VALUE of my merchandise was $820. I saved $717.55 and got $20 in Kohl's cash!!!

In addition, Kohl's is offering clearance online, too, up to 80%. I checked it out when I got home and they didn't have near as much on clearance as the in store racks, but it might be something to check out.

If you are going to shop Kohl's online, make sure to go thru Mr. Rebates first. Click here. You will receive $5 if you are a new member to their free site. Then, if you click thru their site on the Kohl's link ( taking you directly to the Kohl's page you would shop at anyway ) you will get an additional 3% rebate back thru Mr. Rebates!
Hope you all can take advantage of the great clearance at Kohl's and get some of your yearly sale shopping done, too!


Christy said...

I love sales like this! You did an amazing job. I am moving, and I will be 5 minutes from a Kohl's, I am so excited!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you mentioned the impact opening a credit card can have on your credit. My home owners' policy increased by $448.00 for opening too many new credit cards. My credit score is 813 with Experain but because I opened 3 new cards in the past year I took a hit on my insurance. Wish I'd known that at the time.

Sam said...

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