Monday, May 11, 2009

Scan Your Groceries at Home - Earn Free Gifts

I am going to admit, I had signed up for this a few years back, received my scanner in the mail, and then......well, had my youngest son "early" and life became a whirlwind! So, I had to return it and I am just now, finally, signing up to become a member again.

Want to know a bit more about the program?

Well, it is run by Nielsen ( you know the company....think TV ratings ) and is to track consumers purchases. They are conducting market research on how you shop! What a great time to tell them what a great sale shopper you are, and how much you can save!

Many times, once you sign up, you are put on a waiting list. So, I would sign up now, if interested. Some have reported getting their scanners fairly quickly, and others ( like myself last time ) it took over 6 months to get my scanner.

What does their site claim?

Earn gifts and rewards from home scanning the products you purchase. Join ACNielsen's Homescan Consumer Panel and make a difference. Limited availability!
* You MUST have a Land-Line Home Phone (no cell phones)
* You MUST have a standard Land-Line Phone Connection (no DSL, Cable or Internet)

Click Here to sign up.

Need more info on the program?
They send a scanner to your house, and everytime you go shopping ( think groceries, too ) and you come home, you scan the products quickly before putting them away and enter the cost, etc. You then send the information via the scanner so they can track your "shopping".

Is it worth the time spent to scan your purchases?

Not sure. As I mentioned, I had to send mine back, because I didn't even take it out of the box.

I have heard others comment that they really like the program, especially since their groceries automatically loaded in when scanned and then some have said the scanner didn't automatically work for their grocery ( meaning they had to manually enter their info ) and it was a bit too much time invested then.

My recommendation is to just sign up and get on the list, and give it a try. If the your scanner is automatic, it could be worth all the points you earn. If yours don't automatically load, well, you can just send it back then.

Since I don't personally have access to the prize catalog yet ( since I am now waiting for my scanner ), I am not sure what the prizes we can redeem our points for are....but if anyone signs up and gets their scanner first.....leave a comment and let us know!

And, since we already all have fun "sale" shopping, enjoy your opportunity to share your shopping successes with Nielsen!

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Ladybug's Mom said...

There is another program called Shopper's Hotline that is very similar to Nielsen homescan.

The Thrifty Geek said...

I tried this program a couple of years ago. Great concept and I know that it benefits the market place but my life was too hectic to keep up with the scanning before putting the food up. I turned my scanner back in.
If you have time, this is a good program from what I saw.

Her Royal Highness said...

Some grocery stores now print bar codes on the bottom of the receipt that tell EVERYTHING that you ordered. I've heard reports (although not been able to confirm them myself, due to no land-line phone) that if you scan that bar code it'll load everything you just bought.

Carrie @ said... that would be a time savings.

I need to pay attention when I shop this week, to see if my Kroger has the bar code at the bottom.

Love it! Thanks for the heads up.

The Thrifty Geek said...

That is a great feature. I wish I had known that before I gave up my scanner. That would be quick and easy.

I guess, I can request to get back on the list for a scanner.

Amanda said...

I have been a member of Nielson for quite a while now (over a year I think?), and it has become a bit of a habit to just scan my groceries as I put them away. I don't have barcodes on the bottom of my grocery receipts (just checked - that would be nice!) so for each item you do have to say whether it was on sale and if you used a coupon and how much. I use a lot of coupons, so it can take a little bit, but I guess I've just gotten used to it. You also get surveys you can answer to boost your points. I was ready to order something from the gift catalog a few months ago, but waited too long and they completely changed the gift catalog to a new one for 2009, without the item I had wanted! I need to look more at the new one cause I have plenty of points, and seems like there are decent items in there. The longer you are a part of the program, the more points you get each week when you scan and upload. I upload it all through my computer, I don't remember anything about needing a landline (although we do have one). It was a few months after I initially signed up before I got my scanner.

Rachel from Texas said...

I was a member of Homescan for quite a while but it was ridiculously tedious doing the price, coupon, type of coupon, sale, etc so I quit after I got enough points for the prizes that I wanted. I'm now testing out Shoppers Hotline but this is (while not as bad) is not looking to be worth the reward.

Sonia said...

I think it takes a long time to earn enough pts for a decent item. my scanner keeps breaking

Syrous said...

They just started to get new members. You can get the free scanner from here or above link.

Nielsen Home Scanner


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