Monday, May 18, 2009

New Survey Site - Opinion Square & Weekly Stats

You may have noticed, I have started tracking my survey stats for everyone. Many of you love survey sites, but from others I have heard, I never qualify!

So, I am tracking and you can view my results and see an example of approximate results to be expected. This hopefully will give you a better understanding of what to expect so you can determine if this money making activity is for you.

As always, you can click on my Surveys button in the left menu bar at anytime or click here to read about how I make money taking surveys and feel free to sign up for any of the companies listed. I have a full list in the post, or some of them are also displayed in the sidebar...just click on the image.

Before I post all my stats, I did want to introduce you to a new survey company I have not had listed on my Survey page. This is not to say it is a new company, as it has been around for awhile, but simply I have not had them featured on my site yet.

Opinion Square

This company will send emails directly to your "survey" email account with invites to surveys, just like other companies.

Then, you can choose to take the survey or pass, of course. The survey ( if you pass the prescreener ) will be worth points that you can then redeem for gifts or cash.

In addition, they also offer a download that claims to qualify you for more surveys. It is not required.

I do NOT take part in this aspect, as the software will monitor your web surfing, etc. Not that I necessarily mind that, but I did download it forever ago and it seemed to cause problems on my computer.

So, I deinstalled it and my PC started running just fine again. I doubt this will happen for everyone, but if you do decide to load the software, just keep any eye on any issues you may have.

What type of gifts can you get? Well, they have all different categories of products, but I am particularly attracted to all the gift card offers. I just love gift cards. I can take the money and then shop in person.

How have I done with them since I started tracking my stats? Well, this week I was invited to take part in 2 different surveys. I did NOT qualify for one, but for the other I did. I earned 200 points. So, not too bad so far!

Want to join Opinion Square, too? Click here.

So, how did I do this week:

On top of that, I got a $5 Chili's gift card in the mail today from Lightspeed Research and another $6 from Opinion Outpost. Yay!

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Anonymous said...

I have found most survey sites to be pretty nice about awarding points / money manually.

Several times I have spent quite a bit of time on a survey only have it to log me out, and then not be available - or tell me they have enough submissions (after I had answered pages of questions).

In those cases, I email them, and most of the time they respond fairly quickly and credit my account.


Carrie @ said...


I never thought about that.

I finished one for Global Test Market the other day and was almost to the end when it kicked me out and I lost 50 points.

I am going to email them next time.

Thanks so much for your pointers!!

You are always so all your emails and comments.

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Wow - how do you find the time to do all those prescreeners and surveys?

Carrie @ said...

I know...I think the same thing.

I haven't actually sat down and done surveys in awhile, thinking I didn't have as much time with blogging now.

But, I wanted to test it after a few people has written in. I wanted to know if they were still lucrative or not.

Anyway, I have my Surveysforcarrie email box open all day. I only get about 4 to 6 a day. I take the screeners one at time as they come in. If I am walking past my laptop in the kitchen, I look.

Then, it usually takes only about 2 to 3 minutes to do a prescreener. Then, I am off to doing whatever. Next time I walk thru the kitchen, I check quickly again.

If I actually get a survey, the I do need to set time aside to do it.

But, as you can see, I only get maybe one survey a day that I actually fit for.

I don't know..I am really enjoying getting back into surveys. It has been fun experimentding with it.