Friday, May 8, 2009

New Survey Site - Clear Voice Surveys

I am always excited when I find another new, legit survey company. So, I was pleased when I recently registered with Clear Voice Surveys!

First, let me start my saying, Surveys are a great way to make a little bit of extra money. You canNOT make a living off of surveys. I have heard from various readers that they like to save up their earnings until the Holidays, and then cash out then to help defray the cost of the Holiday shopping.

I have also heard from other readers who said they take surveys and never qualify and keep getting entered into sweepstakes.

And, in part, this is true. You will not qualify for all and most of the time I only qualify for a handful of the ones I prescreen for ahead of time. They are looking for specific demographics, etc when conducting surveys, so if they screen you and you don't fit, you won't get to take the survey. This is the same way Focus Groups work.

My favorite survey companies allow me to gain a few points for the prescreeners, so I am still earning a little bit. My favorites are My Survey ( you get 10 points for prescreeners ), Global Test Market ( 5 points for prescreeners ) and ZoomPanel ( 5 points for prescreeners ).

So, I decided to test my survey sites last night. Because, in all honesty, I haven't logged in and completed many of my surveys lately. So, here is my breakdown of how I did. Feel free to click on any of the company names to register for free yourself.

  • Opinion Outpost - Took 4 Surveys, Only qualified for 1 - Earned 15 points
  • Valued Opinions - Took 3 Surveys, Only qualified for 1 - Earned $1.50
  • Zoompanel - Took 2 suveys, didn't qualify for either - Earned 10 points
  • Lightspeed - Took 3 surveys, Qualifed for 1 - Earned 300 points
  • Global Test Market - Took 1 survey, Qualified - Earned 40 points

So, I was fairly happy with my outcome over the evening. I simply sat down and took my surveys while I watched TV with my husband during the evening.

Remember, points at all of these sites are redeemed for cash/gift cards, etc.

Don't forget, if you want to read more about how I make money with surveys and my tips/tricks while signing up with all of the survey companies I use, click here.

So, onto the new survey company, Clear Voice Surveys!!

I just signed up recently, and it appears you can redeem your points for Gift Certificates. Love that!

They also have profiles to fill out when you first register, that will help establish your account..and according to them, increase the survey invites that are sent to you.

Want to join Clear Voice Surveys, too? Click here.

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KristinBrianne said...

Have you noticed with Zoom Panel it takes a lot longer to earn enough points to get a gift card, even if you qualify for surveys? I've been doing them for over a year and I haven't yet been able to cash out for anything I want. I haven't had that trouble with any more companies. I qualify but their points just don't add up to much. Great post!

Carrie @ said...


I will have to log in and look. You know, I usually only get the consolation points ( at 5 at a time ), so I know I havne't added up to enough yet to even look how many I need for a gift.

How much do you usually get when you qualify for a survey?