Friday, May 8, 2009

Rebate Roundup! Almost Free BlueTooth and More!

Lovin' my rebates! So much so, that I finally took the time to sit down and put my Rebates webpage together ( I mean, I have just been promising it for about 6 months now and still hadn't finished it ). So, please click here or go to my left side bar and click on rebates at anytime to see all currently available rebates I have discussed.

So, what do we have going on right now? A couple different offers...

$1.99 Blue Tooth after $15 Rebate

  • Newegg is offering the $16.99 Nokia BH-101 Bluetooth Headset here. Simply do a search on the product name in italics. Expired
  • Newegg is offering the Nokia BH-102 Bluetooth Headset for $19.99 here. Simple do a search on the product name in italics. Still Available. This product will be $4.99 after rebate!
  • $15 Back via rebate here
  • Shipping is Free
  • Consider shopping thru Ebates ( if a new member, you get $5 bonus ) plus 2% back. If a new member, this becomes a money maker for you!
  • Or, you can shop thru Mr. Rebates for 2% back as well.
  • Make sure to read reviews!! This will be a good bluetooth as an extra, or if you don't have one at all. For business purposes? Maybe not. For me, a stay at home mom, it should be all I need. For $1.99, I will give it a try!

Free Peachtree Pro Accounting 2009 Software, Plus possibly make $25!

  • $140 Value, Free After Rebate at Staples
  • Order thru Ebates here for 2% back ( and $5 new member bonus ) or Mr. Rebates here for 2% and log into Staples thru one of their sites.
  • Qualifies for Free Delivery or Free Shipping to Store
  • Money maker after rebate when bought thru Ebates or Mr. Rebates. 2% of $140 is $2.80.
  • Want to use a $25 off coupon and possibly pocket a profit of approx. $25? Click here to go to eBay and order an online coupon code for Staples!

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Mrs Marcos said...

re: bluetooth
either the deal is dead or I'm missing a code? It is coming up as $26.99 with a $15 rebate = $11.99 and no free shipping. Any clue what I'm doing wrong?

Carrie @ said...

Nope. you are not crazy. They raised the price this morning.

These deals come and go.

I would check in every so often, until the rebate this bluetooth has fluctuated in price and has gone down that low it may go back down again.

If I see the price drop again, I will move the post back up to the top for everyone.

Carrie @ said...

Mrs. Marco,

If you do a search on the 102 model ( I just updated the post ) that one is still $4.99 after rebate right now, so that is a good deal and would still be free if a new Ebates member and get the $5 bonus.

Claire said...

Hi Carrie,

On the 102 model it's coming up with a shipping charge. Did it do so for you?