Friday, May 1, 2009

New May Coupons ( Plus $3 Huggies ) - Hurry!

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We all know I love diaper coupons. Whew. I just love getting my diapers for next to nothing, because regualarly they are SOO expensive! I am always stockpiled so I don't have to spend those high prices.

Well, just released their May coupons! And, one of them is a $3 off for the new Huggies diapers. Combine with with the $1.50 Huggies from Upromise below, match with a sale, and you will have some cheap diapers!

Remember, coupons have a max print on them. So, once they reached the max number printed, it will be gone. So, if you want any of the new coupons they have listed today, I would go print them now. There are tons of great ones!

You can usually print them twice per computer. Once you print it the first time, it usually moves the the last page, so look there before printing.

Ready to go get the $3 Huggies coupon, plus all the other new coupons? Click here to log in or register...and go get'em!

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