Friday, May 1, 2009

Update - Free Color Printer after Rebate!

Thanks to...well whoever that no-named commenter was for clarifying some of the terms of the rebate. Please read the comments below before you decide whether this printer is for you.

Another great Free after Rebate item!

The VersaJette M300 Color Inkjet Printer retails for $49.99, but after a $50 rebate, you can have this printer for free! The rebate is valid for purchases up until June 28, 2009.

It is only available for pick up at MicroCenter ( glad I have one not far from here ).

Please remember when doing all rebates, keep documentation of everything in case it is denied the first time. This isn't uncommon. I have submitted many a rebate over the years, and it comes back denied asking for additional information ( which I thought I had sent in...hmmm ). So, having copies of it, I just resend.

In fact, when I copy it, I don't print it out. I just scan everything and save it to my computer. Then, after I get my rebate, I delete those files. Don't want to waste paper! :-)

Also read all stipulations. For example, on this rebate you need to activate the software!

Want to get your free printer, too?

Click here. Before you can add it to your cart, you have to pick the store location where you want to pick it up. Then, it will activate the Add to Cart button.

The rebate form can be found here. Another helpful hint? I also print and copy the rebate form as soon as I order a product, not after it arrives. You just never know if they will take the form down and you are out of luck. I have never had it happen, but again, I am just cautious.

Before you go, don't forget about the Starz $50 Rebate ( it is a money maker for me ) that is still available. Read all the details here.


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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the printer comes with ink cartridges already? When I went to check out it prompted me to buy ink cartridges (which, for a black and color catridge, cost more than the printer itself!), and I just want to make sure that it already comes with some, otherwise it's not really worth it.

Anonymous said...

If you read the fine print it says: please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery or rebate via using your Versa Printer.

They do not mail you a check!!!

Carrie @ said...

How cool is that! No more worries about lost rebate checks in the mail. And, it now makes sense why you need to have the software you can print your rebate check. :-)

In regards to the ink, I would call MicroCenter and check it out. Either way, even if it has ink, you will eventually have to buy more.

So, the question may be to ask if it is refillable, if you are lookign for cheap ink and not worried about printing photos, etc.

If you find out it is not, then this may not be a good printer for you.

For example, my Epson I love the quality of my photos...except for the ink. Super expensive and most places won't refill.

If I had researched a bit more ahead about not being able to refill ink, etc, I amy have passed on my Epson.

So, I would investigate that, too, as well as if it comes with ink.

Oh, and a lot of times..even when printers come with ink...they are a smaller sample size. So, isn't worth too much.

Two Cheap Chicks said...

Carrie, I just wanted to mention that I actually keep track of my rebates by taking a high res digital photo of my: receipt, the offer, the stamped addressed envelope... laying all together on the table... that way I have a photo of everything I had sent. Just in case they claim I didn't include something. If I need to make a print, it's high res so everything will print to read. Also, check out for printer ink, great prices on "name brand" inks (they are made to fit the name brand). I have used and I love them. I just got Free shipping or 20% off, plus 15% cash back through Ebates!

Anonymous said...

AND you have to have check paper to print the can't print it on regular white paper!!

Carrie @ said...

Good catch on the terms!

Before deciding to order, check and see if you want to buy the check paper to print your rebate check.

Look at is where I found the best about $5.

The deal may be gone, not sure how many they had. But, take into consideration the cost of the paper, if you can find it, and order it when you get your printer.

Carrie @ said...

You might want to talk to Microcenter when you go to pick it up, too, to make sure there isn't any other hoops to jump thru.