Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bisquick and Pillsbury Newsletters

We all know I love newsletters, as I mentioned in my previous post on here. Don't forget to go check your inboxes, so you don't throw away $5!

Here are two newsletters I have been seeing around the web as great resources for coupons.

Bisquick allows you to sign up and receive coupons. Currently, when I click on the coupon tab, they say they are updating it. I registered now anyway, to make sure I am on their mailing list when the coupons are up and active.

Click here to join Bisquick.

Next, Pillsbury will provide you with $150 in coupons a year! Wow! And, I use Pillsbury coupons a lot at the grocery when I shop with the Grocery Game. In fact, we had crescent rolls with our dinner last night, that I had gotten for a quarter after sale/coupon match ups. Can't beat that!

Click here to join Pillsbury's newsletter.

Remember....if you haven't already...set up a "deals" email account to send all your newsletters to. This prevents them from mixing in with your personal email AND it is easy to log in and check all your "deals" at one time.

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