Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update: Back in Stock.....Rebates - $50 from Starz & Free CD/DVD Maker

Update: the CD & DVD Maker is Back In Stock. Hurry! It may be gone again before you know it!

We have a couple great Rebate offers to take advantage of this week. I am really thrilled!

As you know, Rebates are great way to get items free, make money or greatly discounted. Often items sell quickly, so if you see something you want you should always jump on them.

So, what do we have this week?

$50 Rebate for Starz

  • Sign up for 3 months of Starz thru your local cable or satellite provider
  • Must be a new member to Starz between 1/16/09 and 5/16/09
  • One rebate per household
  • Mail form by 9/16/09
  • Click here to get your form. As always, make sure to copy it now, as often times rebate forms will disappear on you.

Why is the deal extremely interesting to me?

Well, not only will we get 3 months of free service to Starz and actually have some movies to watch, BUT I will make money.

My rate for Starz is $12.99 a month. So, at 3 months, it will come to $38.97. This means, I actually make a profit of $11.03 plus get 14 free movies channels with Starz. How can I lose?

NTI CD & DVD Maker

  • Click here to place your order. Search phrase NTi CD&DVD Maker 7 Platinum - Retail
  • Retails for $39.99
  • Free after Rebate with Free Shipping
  • Purchase by 4/30/09 ( or while available )
  • Postmark by 5/15/09
  • Click here for rebate form

Once You Know, You Newegg

Why do I love this? This software will allow me to download and tape photos and my videos to DVDs and CDs for family and friends. How nice to be able to give copies of home videos, etc to the grandparents and for ourselves.

Of course, it does have other options, etc, but I have been needing something like this!

Enjoy your Rebate offers this week!

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loan modification said...

Great tips! thanks for sharing.

Shelby, Patrick and Kids said...

I am not sure you can do the Starz deal now because the fine print says you have to mail in your cable bill for 3 months showing you paid for Starz. The fine print also says the deal ends in May so there would be no way to send in 3 months worth of bills if it is done next month. Am I reading this wrong or missing something? I hope so because I'd love to take adavantage of the deal.

Also, the CD/DVD is sold out. Bummer!

Carrie @ said...


The rebate form needs to be mailed in by September 16th, so plenty of time. Should also be in the fine print. Let me know if you don't see it.

Carrie @ said...

Oh, and yes...Newegg freebies after rebates always seem to sell out fast. It is literally the first handful of people who get in on it. :-) Got to be quick on great rebate items, unfortunately.

Mommycia said...

Not a high value rebate but here is one for venus razors

Everyone can use a free razor during the summer.

Anonymous said...

It's Sold out! Are there any other products that this rebate is good for???


Anonymous said...

I just ordered the NTi CD&DVD Maker 7 Platinum -- I didn't get any sold out message.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie, it was nice hearing you at blogtalkradio tonight.

My qtion is, I think we subscribed to Starz before for few months just to check it out. Does this disqualifies me for the rebate if I have to subscribe again?

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for posting this. I just tried to find out how much the starz package would be through my provider(Dishnetwork)and see if it would be worth me getting the rebate. While i had them on the line i decided to ask when my contract would be up. He asked why and i told him i wanted to compare rates and to see if their was a better deal elsewhere. Before he even answered transfered me toan account specialist and before i knew it she was giving me a $10.. loyalty credit on my bill along with waiving my warranty fee and DVR fee, bring my bill down from $69.96 to $42.99 a month for the first year and $52.99 for the second year! Almost $27.00 knocked off my bill and to top it all off she threw in HBO, Starz and Encore for free for 3 months! So do i not only not need the rebate, i am getting a huge savings every month! Just wanted to say Thanks for posting this because i would never had made the call in the first place had i not seen it!:)

Tonya said...

I am legally blind and so it is hard for me especially to see the fine print.Do you HAVE to be a new subscriber on/after 1-1-09?I think I signed up in Nov/Dec sometime(xmas present for hubby,he is such a movie aholic,lol).Would that count me out?

Anonymous said...

I notice the Starz deal says "May not be combined with any other offer."

I found our cable company is running a special for Starz for $5.99 a month.

Would that still be valid for the rebate? Or do you have to pay the standard rate for Starz to get the rebate?


Carrie @ said...


Usually, with most offers, if there is a sale, etc running it will disqualify you from the rebate.

If you can, I would call is the info:

Who do I contact with a question regarding a current rebate or gift card offer?

Please call 1-866-209-4736 and have ready:
- Account holder's name
- Complete mailing address and zip code
- Name of your cable, satellite or telco service provider
- Your phone number with area code
- A brief explanation for your call

I think it would be better for you to be safe than sorry...and check to see if you can combine them.

Carrie @ said...


You won't be able to take part in this rebate, unfortunately.

You must be a new member AFTER the date in January that they list.

That is too only missed it by a month or so.