Friday, April 24, 2009

Sale Shopping for Mothers Day? Great Deal on Wallet Pix

Another great Sale Shopping Deal! Yay!

Remember my rules, 75% off or better and keep your shopping list handy so you can mark people off and not overspend.

Click here to read all my details on how to successfully sale shop.

So, with Mother's Day fast approaching, this deal on Wallet Pix was extremely interesting to me.

First, it is just a plain cute idea. Instead of carrying a bunch of pictures of your children or grandchildren in your wallet, you carry this mini digital picture frame..of sorts. It is the size of a credit card, and it has a very small picture that will scroll through 50 pictures.

So, I bought one for each of the grandmothers and I am going to preload 50 pictures of the grandkids for them for their Mother's Day gift. I will be adding this to the gifts I already have for them, as a little ad on. I figure for this price, it will be a fun and original gift.

The retail price is $59.99 and it is on sale with Free Shipping for $9.99! But, wait! ( like my infomercial statement there? )

If you order thru Bond Rewards ( remember, I described Bond Rewards recently here ), you get 1.5% back on your purchase! This is higher than both Ebates and Mr. Bond Rewards is the way to go.

But, wait! There is more!

If you haven't done any of the Brylane Home rewards, you should qualify for the $10 rebate from Shoppers Discount. You can get $10 back on this $9.99 order, plus they give you a $10 code, so you can go buy a second set.

Shoppers Discount is a 30 day trial, so evaluate their program while a member. Remember, always mark your calendars a few days before your trial is up so you know when you need to decide whether to stay a member or cancel, before you are charged a membership fee.

Want to take part in this deal?

If you want to order directly, click here and then do a search on WalletPix 1.5" LCD Photo Frame- WPIX2 2-Pack

If you would like to take advantage of the extra 1.5% from Bond Rewards and start using this great program, please leave your email address below and I will get your referral sent to you.

If you go thru Bond Rewards, once you log in after you set your account up, go to and do a search on WalletPix 1.5" LCD Photo Frame- WPIX2 2-Pack .
When you order and check out, please make sure to change the shipping method to the longest delivery time, as that is when you will get free shipping.
After you log out, an offer should pop up from Shoppers Discount with your $10 offer. If it doesn't appear, don't close out your check out page, as the link should be below your total.
Remember, if you have done the Shoppers Discount deal with Brylane Home like me, you may not qualify. Submit your request to see if you qualify!
Happy Mother's Day!

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chewymama said...

just fyi. i looked this up on amazon and they have really bad reviews


Carrie @ said...

I kind of figured it did, but for free ( after you get the $10 back from Shoppers Advantage )it is a cute add on gift.

Marie said...

Can you tell me more about using the Shoppers Discount? Does that only work if you use Bond Rewards?

westsidedonnellis said...

We bought one for my father-in-law for Christmas and I thought it was really cute. He takes it on business trips and it also was really easy to load pictures onto. Great deal!