Friday, March 27, 2009

$50 Savings Bond thanks to Bond Rewards

I love shopping online with "Rebate" Companies ever since I started using them. And, most of you know my favorite ones. I have written about them enough! In fact, be on the look out for my new Rebate Shopping Sites webpage to go active this weekend. :-) It will go into detail explaining all the shops I like and their specific details so you can sign up with them all.

But, there has also been another one I have been using that I love for other reasons and have never discussed yet! Did you see my holding my $50 Savings Bond in the post below! That is the main reason! :-)

Bond Rewards is a website that is set up with the same idea as the other companies. You shop online thru their website, and they give you a percentage of the purchase price back into your account.

Once that money accumulates to $50, you can cash it out for a $50 Savings Bond or $25. But, don't worry, although this sounds like an unbelievable number to achieve, it is accessible thru other means besides just shopping. This is where there program is worth it to me!

What are the specifics from this company?

  1. You earn money for shopping online thru their site. But, they do not have as many shops ( so be prepared ). Also, sometimes the value will look higher, BUT remember to half that. A $50 Savings Bond is only worth $25 in today's dollars.
  2. You also earn money by taking surveys they sent you periodically. Because they don't come every day, I have found having Bond Rewards sent to my personal email account has not interfered at all. It is one of the few companies I will recommend to send to your own email account. Just this month, they sent me a survey ( and their surveys are SHORT and easy compared to others ) and I earned $5 on their site ( $2.50 when cashed out ).
  3. They sent you emails to read for money each week. But, don't worry. They come only a few times a week. Again, you aren't bombarded. Open the email, click on a link for a product and earn 5 cents. It doesn't sound like much, but for one click.....these do add up. I promise.
  4. Get a Bonus when you shop during your Birthday Month. They sent me an email this month telling me I would get an additional bonus if I shopped thru their site during March. Yay!
  5. Earn extra thru their Refer a Friend program. You get 25 cents on their site for every friend you refer and $5 on their site when they make their first purchase! So, tell your friends!

I will admit. It isn't fast money, but it is EASY money! I really enjoyed their program a lot, and still click on my emails weekly, answer their surveys and smile when my $50 Bonds arrive in the mail!

Would you like to join Bond Rewards? Email me. Please title it Bond Rewards Referral.

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Nate @ Debt-free Scholar said...

I have always found sites paying for surveys or email reading to be a waste of time. Besides, I could write half a blog post in the time it takes to complete most surveys!


Carrie @ said...


All depends on which surveys you do and if you are selective or do every single one.

Also, if someone is not a blogger ( like lots of our readers ) any little bit extra helps.

With this site, the survey questions are literally like 7 to 10 questions. The one I got $5 for asked me a few questions about my shopping habits. These surveys are not your typical surveys. It is more geared towards their company and I think...I am assuming...trying to figure out which shops would work on their site. So, SUPER Easy.

Considering it takes me about 1 minute to open the email they send once a week. And, the surveys typically took me a few minutes....I figured my hourly rate for that $50 Savings Bond ( I am figuring it at $25 ) took me about one hour spread over the whole year to earn. Of course, I did shop thru their site twice, so that made up a portion, and my birthday bonus..but...

So, $25 an hour is a good salary for most Americans. :-)

For 1 minute a week, it was well worth my time.

I am definitely still opening that email every week and clicking thru. And, this time next year, I should have my $50 Savings Bond in hand again! Yay!

Speaking of other surveys....I have gotten some very good ones. You need to evaluate the terms before you start to see if you think you will qualify.

I have gotten ones where I completed the survey and was given access to a panel for the full year. All I had to do was write 1 to 3 comments on an Auto Message board each month on my feelings on their topic ( did I like speedometer lit up in white or black..etc ) ( which took no time ) and I got $15 in gift certifcates each month.

This was well worth the time. The key is not filling out every single one. You won't qualify for most and wasted your time.

You need to be selective.

SavinMaven said...

That's what I love about this site. I don't feel like anyone is trying to "sell" me on any service. Carrie gives us the lowdown and shares her experience. Our lifestyles and habits (and tax brackets LOL)mean that whether or not something is worth doing is relative and this info helps me make an informed decision.

I've cut way down (almost to zero!) on my online shopping. Buying in bulk or for future needs on sites like Amazon is a great savings, but I'm nervous about being out too much money right now. I'll jot this site down in my spiral to look at later though.