Monday, April 13, 2009

Jenny and her $200 in Free Gifts from Netblue

Well, online offers fans, this is the last of my 3 posts about my experiences with online offers. I really appreciate Carrie giving me the opportunity to share with you, her audience! Be sure to check out my previous posts on I-Deal and Nuitech. Today I am going to give some insight on Netblue.

I am really enjoying Netblue offers. They are on about the same timeframe as Nuitech (about 3-4 months start to finish, typically), so they do not pay out as fast as I-Deal. As of late, several of their offers have gotten too expensive. However, there are still some great opportunities to make money with them.

The thing I like the most about Netblue is this: when you are doing one of their offers, they have "pop-ups" (yes, you will need to disable your pop-up blocker for their page) that tell you EXACTLY what you have to do to be approved! No guessing here! Be sure to add this to things that you copy and paste to keep a record of what the exact qualifications are when you do the offer. This also makes it very easy to know how much you have to spend to earn the reward.

Once again, you will see my kiddos above holding several of my gift cards. With Netblue, however, I have always received a check - not the item or gift card they were advertising (I just thought my kiddos were cuter to look at than a check!). I am okay with receiving a check, though!! I have heard that most of the time this is true for Netblue. What has your experience been? Have you done a deal with Netblue for a particular item but have a received a check instead? I'd love to hear about it!

Like Nuitech, you can also request manual credit with Netblue. You have to contact them through the website you signed up through. I did find a phone number for them once, but it directs you to contact them via email.

This is how my Netblue offers break down -

eMarketPanel - $150 check ($131 profit)
YourGiftCards - $50 check ($20.01 profit -- plus, I got an Entertainment Book!)

Right now I am working on the Nintendo Wii (Gadget City) offer. However, I chose to do the PS3, which is valued at $599. I will invest around $175 for this offer, so a profit of over $400. However, if you choose to do the Nintendo Wii, it is valued at $249 and you only have to complete 3 easy offers! This could be one of the easiest offers I've ever seen! Only time will tell if we receive the game consoles or a check, but either way, you are making a good profit!

Again, if you have done an offer with Netblue, would you please leave a comment letting us know of your experience?

It's been a lot of fun letting you all know of my experiences with online offers. I am excited and would love to hear your experiences, as well!

Would you like to join Jenny and myself in completing a Netblue offer this month? Feel free to click here for your gift as well. As always, please read my Online Offers webpage, and Netblue Instructions.

Are you a reader, like Jenny, who has benefited from one of my methods? Feel free to email me about doing a guest post. They are always welcome.

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megs92 said...

Hi Jenny! Thanks for the great intro to NetBlue! I'm waiting on arrival of my first I-Deal offer, but once that arrives I'm thinking about trying NetBlue's Wii offer. Does NetBlue require you to remain a member of required offers for a certain period of time like Nuitech does? Also, how much time (one month, 3 months?) does NetBlue allow to complete all of the offers required? Thanks so much! ~Megan

laura said...


Neither the NetBlue nor Gadget City link worked for me.


megs92 said...

Laura, I think you have to go to Carrie's Online Offers page and click on the links from there (the links are listed under a NetBlue heading). ~Megan

Jenny said...

Hey Megan,

The pop-up tells you exactly what you have to do to qualify for the offers. Each one is different. But Netblue as a whole does not have a requirement like Nuitech where you have to stay with all but 2 companies for 60 days, etc. Just follow what the pop-up says and you will be fine. Also, as far as I know (always read the T&C before you start the offer) but they do not have a limit like IDeal on how many offers you can do in a certain amount of time, etc.

Hope this helps,

Anonymous said...

You said that you only have to do three offers for the nintendo wii offer..... My question is, how did you know how many offers you have to do for each of the prizes without signing up? I would like to do either the wii or the xbox! Do you know how many the xbox requires? Is the wii the biggest profit maker? Thanks!


Ladybug's Mom said...

Hi Carrie and Jenny,

I clicked on the NetBlue Gadget City Wii and see 5 offers have to be completed.

1 Bronze
2 Silver
2 Gold

Is this correct?

Jenny said...

Amy, The XBox does require 5 offers, but the offers on the last page are expensive, so I would say that the Wii is a better money maker in this case. They value the XBox at $399. THey value the Sony Playstation at $599 and require 5 offers, so that is the one I chose to do, hoping to receive a check (and I haven't heard of anyone actually receiving the actual item, but receiving a check instead, please let me know if you know differently!). You do have to sign up to know how many offers they take. But, if you let time lapse and want to start the offer, then you can sign up with a different email. You don't have to use the same email like IDeal.

Lady Bug's Mom, that is correct for the Xbox. I see where you see that at the bottom, but when you actually sign up and go into do one of the other offers, they are all different.

Anonymous said...

I signed up for the eMarketPanel offer on 4/2 and I'm almost done with the terms of all three offers. How long is it typical to see offers approve? When can you do manual credit? Thanks! :)

Brooke S said...

I signed up for the emarketpanel offer for the $150. I've already done the 3 offers, however my issue is that I cannot log into the emarketpanel account. It keeps saying "we are updating our servers at this time" and I cannot log in. I've contacted customer service 2 differnt times through email but they keep giving me directions to get a username/password which I already have one.

Has anyone experienced this with the emarketpanel? There is no phone number to contact.

Please let me know your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Brooke S, That happend to me too. After several days of the "we are updating our servers at this time" message, I chose to reset my password and now I can get in every time. Hope that helps!

Carrie @ said...


Yes, yes, and yes. It happens to me EVERY time with all Netblue sites.

They used to have a phone number to call, but they don't have it anymore and have gone to only email coorespondence. But, they have always helped me in the past.

First, click the link below

Reset it to exactly what it was before.

In about an hour, you can often times log in then.

At times, I have had to do a number of times before it would finally work.

IF you reset it numerous times during the day and it still doesn't work, then write hem back and explain that everything they have done is not working and could they please call you to get it worked out.

Please leave a comment and let me know if the link works on resetting it.

Julie said...

Hi Jenny,

In your post you mentioned that the Wii offer only requires 3 offers to be completed, but when I just clicked on it, it actually requires 5 - 1 bronze, 2 silver, and 2 gold. Did I click on the wrong thing?

beegeegigi said...

Julie, You are right! It looks like they changed the requirements for the Wii. In my opinion it would be better to complete 5 offers for the PS3 b/c it is valued at $599 vs. the Wii valued at $249. Good catch!


BShep said...

CrystalKitten and Carrie! Thanks so much for your comments. Unfortunately, resetting the password still didn't help and they even gave me a temp. password and that didn't help either.

I've never had a problem like this before, and continued to email emarketpanel. Finally, they emailed back saying that they were experiencing difficulties on their site and were going to forward my certificates to the redemption center. From there, they said I should be getting an email about next steps.

Thanks for you advice and I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out!

Carrie @ said...

Please let us know what happens.

I would put their email address in your friends account, to make sure if they email you nothing gets blocked, too.

Make sure you get those emails with the next steps!

BShep said...

Just wanted to get you an update about the emarketpanel offer that I was doing!

The customer service emailed me saying that they send my certs to the redemption center and I just needed to send over my paperwork and just wait for my gc to arrive. I'll let you know when I get it!