Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Free Media Transfer thanks to Borders Rewards!

As you know, I love newsletters and loyalty programs. In fact, I highly recommend you set up and email address specifically for applying to them.

Why? They often send out freebies, coupons and special deals that only their loyal readers will benefit from and know about. It is a great way to save money!!

And, yesterday was one of those days. I always love when my Borders Rewards emails arrive. Namely, I like to see what books are popular and coming out because I am an avid reader. But, I also like skimming to the bottom, because they often have free offers for their free Rewards members via the Photo Archival Company.

In the past, I have gotten a free Photo Book ( one of my favorites ) game downloads.....and now.....Free Media Transfer Services.

What exactly do I mean by Media Transfer and Preservation service? You can choose from one of the following for free:
  • Free Video to DVD Conversion - $15.95 Value
  • 50 Free Photo Scans ( up to 8X11) - $6.oo Value
  • 50 Free 35mm Color Slide Scans - $23.50 Value
  • 1 Free Super 8 or 8mm Film Reel Conversion to DVD ( 50 feet ) - $15.95 Value

This is very exciting to me, because I have a stack of Video Tapes of my eldest son when he was a baby that I would love on DVD. So, I am going to have them convert one of these for me. Yay!

How much is shipping? Well, if you elect to drop it off at one of their locations, it is free. They are located in Georgia, Iowa, Utah and New Jersey.

If, like me, you don't live near one of their locations, then you an use their Fed Ex service for $6.95. Or, you can choose to ship it on your own and provide a return postage envelope ( just make sure you have enough postage on it, to get it back to you ).

How do you take advantage, too?

First, sign up here for a free Borders Rewards program. Remember to send it to your email you set up for newsletters.

Second, click on this link to pick your free service. You will need the email address your Borders Rewards membership is linked to, so make sure you set up your Borders Rewards account first.

Can you take advantage of this as a new member? I am not positive. Give it a try. If you are a current member, it should work for you, too. Nonetheless, you want to join Borders Rewards so you don't miss on future deals.

Now, time to get busy deciding which type of media you want updated! Wish they would do them all for free! :-) But, I will take what I can get at this point.

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