Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Update...100 More Free Prints Plus Free Shipping! - Expired

I had to update this post and bump it to the top!

I am so excited. If you remember, I posted about this deal earlier in the week. I am excited for my photos to arrive and see the quality and service available.

But, if you remember the terms of this program, you get 100 free photos each month plus free shipping......well.......

since most of us signed up in March, and it is now April...we have another 100 prints while still in our trial. I am serious!

I went in and uploaded 100 more photos today and ordered them for $0!! So, make sure you go out and reload 100 more today!

Will these additional 100 be shipped before our trials are over? Not sure, but well worth a try!!

Haven't taken advantage of your 100 Free Photos yet? Scroll down and read all the details below...

I am so very excited for this photo deal, I couldn't wait to get home today and upload all the cute pictures I had taken of my kids and their friends at the park! Yay!

Not only are you getting 100 Free Prints, but you are also getting free shipping! Wow! These deals on photos are few and far between. And, for some reason, good photo deals always seem to disappear quickly. Not sure if this one will stick around for awhile or not?

Photo Cubbie is a company that is currently offering this amazing freebie. Why? They would love for you to try their prints and their service.

So, here are the details:

  • Click here to go to Photo Cubbie and sign up.
  • You are trying their service for free for 7 days. Please mark your calendars ( email, cell phone and planner ) to alert you to the end of your trial. I always like to mark mine a few days early, as you never know if you may be busy on the day your calendar alert pops up.
  • Upload your 100 photos. They do have a bulk load.
  • Finish the Check out process.

And, that is it! You photos will be processed and on their way soon.

What exactly is Photo Cubbie?

It seems very interesting and I am looking forward to looking around this week during my trial. For one, you get 100 Photos and Free Shipping each month with your membership. In addition, you can upload videos, as well as your photos, to share with all your family/friends via your own url web address.

I hope you enjoy your free photos! And, remember, you can see all Free Photo deals that are currently available by clicking the Free Photos button in my left menu bar at anytime!

New to Trial Offers? Click here or also, go to my Trial Offers button in the left menu bar. This is a great way to get products, money and freebies for trying out services companies offer! And, you may find a company that meets your needs, too!


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Carla said...

I think the site is it seems like a great deal!

Carrie @ said...


Yes, that is the link I have in my post.

Did it now work for you?

tribal talk said...

Thanks for sharing these awesome deals!

Lana said...

Okay, question. If I order, can I turn around and then cancel the same day so I don't forget? Or will my order be canceled, too?

Carrie @ said...


I actually have no idea.

But if you immediately enter it in the 3 planner phone and a planner...there is no way you can forget. :-)

I would mark them for 5 days from now, so if you find out this service isn't for you, you can then call at that time.

Jennifer R said...

So I signed up and uploaded my pictures and when I go to checkout it doesn't say I have any free prints. I just gives me my total. How do you get the free prints, do I need a code?

Carrie @ said...


Did you sign up thru a link on my blog or manually type in their address? You had the main page that showed 100 Free Prints on your sign up page, correct?

When I got to my check out page, the 100 free prints automatically set to zero.

Let me know how you signed up, and I can try and figure out the problem you are having.

Anonymous said...

I upload my pictures and when i went to checkout it was saying i owe 16.95. Where is the trying their service for free for 7 days??

Carrie @ said...


It sounds like you didn't sign up thru my post.

You must click one of the links in my post to go to the trial offer.

If you just go directly to Photo Cubbie on your own, they are not offering the trial.

Click on the link above, and the very first page...when signing up....has all the terms/conditions for the trial before you even sign up.

Let me know if you did sign up thru my link and you are still having the problem and I will find out what is happening.

But, I just checked my links, and they all seem to be working.

Let me know.

Anonymous said...

I click on your link and upload my pictures and it was say up grade to 16.95. I tried your link again its say join.

Carrie @ said...

So, does that mean it worked this time then?

It should be a page that shows 100 prints for free with trial membership for 7 days.

Is that what you are seeing? I couldn't tell by your response. It is what I am seeing on my end, but possibly something is blocking it from feeding to the correct link? Not sure why, though.

Let me know if you got it working or not. If not, you may need to call me tomorrow and we can try and walk you thru it.

Anonymous said...

First of all - I love your blog. I signed up for the photo cubbie deal but had problems uploading my pics so I never did it. I checked my credit card online today and there was a pending charge from photo cubbie. I was mad! I called and cancelled it immediately. I've never seen another company put that pending charge on my card before the trial period has run.

Carrie @ said...


Almost everytime you do a trial with any company, if you go to your credit card within a day or two after you sign up, there will be a pending charge.

This is a normal practice, and it doesn't actually process or go is simply a pending charge to make sure the cc # you gave this is active before they send your free products. Many times it is for a smaller dollar amount than the actual monthly fee.

It should disappear within a few days.

Did yours disappear?

But, definitely, pending charges are not anything to be worried about.

In regards to uploading, mine went very smoothly..except that once I hit upload, it needed to process for awhile. So, I just left my PC on uploading and came back in about a half hour and they were done.

Sorry you didn't get your pics.

Andrea @ Mommy said...

SHOOT!!!! Why didn't I do this one!!!! Pretty awesome!

Carrie @ said...

We will see if this second set of 100 comes. The order processed, so I would think they will.

But, you just never know. :-)

Stacy said...

Thanks Carrie!! I ordered my second set earlier today. I'm actually starting to catch up on my pictures with all these photo deals! :)

Nick and Cindy said...

Hi Carrie,

I signed up for the trial and ordered my prints on 3/30. Yesterday I called to cancel the free trial, and they told me that I actually had two accounts open - one with Photo Cubbie and one with USA Photohouse, and that they had charged my credit card $14.95 at USA Photohouse to set up the account! I was shocked, because I only signed up with Photo Cubbie, adn I didn't receive a receipt or any type of notification that they had charged my card. I had never even HEARD of USA Photohouse.

All this to say, when you call to cancel, make sure a mysterious charge didn't hit your card from USA Photohouse. I explained to the customer service rep that I'd never even heard of USA Photohouse and that I certainly didn't authorize the charge. She couldn't explain how it happened but she happily issued a refund.

Just a heads-up to everyone else who signed up for this promo!!

Carrie @ said...

Thanks for the heads up.

I call and cancelled yesterday, too, and they didn't mention that to me.

I don't see anything on my CC yet, BUT I will keep my eyes open to make sure it doesn't happen to me, too.

USA Photohouse...wonder if we can get more free prints from them, too?

Rachel said...

Got my first set of 100 prints today...curious if the second set will come or not. Thanks for the heads up! I still have to check my account to make sure there were no charges though...